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Thursday 10, Dec 2015

  Steroid Abuse Off-The-Scale In Grassroots’ Welsh Rugby

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Figures disclosed by UK Anti-Doping have revealed that abuse of anabolic androgenic steroids is “off-the-scale” in Welsh grassroots and semi-professional rugby.

It was further disclosed that players from Wales make up 33 percent of all sportsmen and women who are serving doping bans. About 17 Welsh rugby union and league players, from grassroots to semi-professionals are presently banned with a majority of them testing positive for traces of anabolic steroids in their systems. Ten of these players are from rugby union and form the majority of the 16 players banned from the sport across the United Kingdom. According to a revelation by UK Anti-Doping, the other seven are among 14 players banned from rugby league.

An ex-player, who admitted to using drugs, said he is surprised to learn that many have not been banned. Speaking to BBC Wales’ Week In Week Out program, the unnamed player said steroid abuse is totally off-the-scale. The player also remarked he thinks people are probably blind to it and if the truth came out he thinks there would be probably a lot more players who are banned from playing.

The BBC Wales’ Week In Week Out program questioned 100 players from grassroots rugby union clubs and came to the conclusion that 15 players admitted to using some form of performance enhancing drug. Only 5 of the 100 interviewed players said they had been tested for drugs in the past three years.

A few days back, Rugby Club player Owen Morgan and Glynneath RFC’s Greg Roberts were banned for four years and two years respectively. Morgan tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone and the stimulant Benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine and Roberts tested positive for Tamoxifen.

Anti-doping expert Prof Yannis Pitsiladis, from the University of Brighton, remarked players can be quite confident when they go into testing that they won’t be caught because the current testing will not be able to detect those drugs, because they are no longer in the system. However, Pitsiladis added anti-doping technology improvements and the ability to now keep samples for a period of up to 10 years means athletes who are presently cheating may be caught in the future.

However, Welsh Rugby Union chief Martyn Phillips remarked he is not overly concerned as the number tested is proportionately higher than in other rugby unions and sports. Phillips added doping has become a problem in society to start with and remarked he would not sit here and say that it is not an issue in rugby because the fact that one player getting banned is one too many as far as he is concerned.

Chris Thair, chief operating officer of Wales Rugby League, termed the figures as a “wake-up call” and said it is not just a rugby issue but a huge global issue for all sports.

UK Anti-Doping’s chief executive Nicole Sapstead admitted that staying ahead of drug cheats is a constant battle. Sapstead said she thinks people who want to cheat the system would find a way and also commented that we would be testing all sports all the time in an ideal world but that is not a reality for any anti-doping organization in the world.

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Monday 02, Jun 2014

  Deco May Sue Rio Lab And WADA

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Deco may sue rio lab and wada

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has ruled that former Barcelona and Chelsea star Deco has been cleared of a doping offence. This announcement was made after CAS ruled that his test was mishandled by the Rio de Janeiro laboratory that has since been suspended.

In a statement, Deco said both WADA and LADETEC are responsible for the error if there was a mistake. He noted that the Rio laboratory was still accredited by the anti-doping agency when he was tested. The doping conviction “may have helped anticipate” the end of his illustrious career, said Deco. The football star was given an initial suspension of one month in early 2013 by the sports tribunal of Brazil but was banned for a year after he had retired. Deco remarked he lost contracts and a lot of things due to the doping controversy and this cannot happen because of a mistake. The Brazilian footballer added he will talk to his lawyers and will decide what to do.

Deco added he knew exactly what he did in his entire career and he had never used anything that was prohibited. The 36-year-old said he knew that it was either a mistake by the pharmacy that produced the vitamins that he took or a mistake in the analysis of the urine.

Capped 75 times by Portugal, Deco allegedly tested positive for two banned substances in early 2013 after playing in a Rio State Championship match for Fluminense. The 36-year-old playmaker’s samples were retested in Lausanne. This was after Rio lab claimed that his samples contained hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic that is used for masking the presence of other drugs and Tamoxifen that can be used to prevent or eliminate the side effects of anabolic androgenic steroids.

Last August, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) laboratory that is also known as LADETEC, was suspended last August after it failed to meet the International Standard for Laboratories (ISL). The Rio laboratory was suspended in 2012 from conducting isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) testing on samples after it falsely reported that Brazilian beach volleyball player Pedro Solberg Salgado had tested positive for Testosterone.

It was remarked by CAS that it could not be established that Deca has committed an anti-doping rule violation. Lausanne laboratory director Martial Saugy said the samples of Deco arrived in Switzerland in an unusual container and that the chain of custody cannot be guaranteed.

FIFA will have to fly doping samples to Switzerland for testing during the World Cup because of the problems with LADETEC.

The retired Brazilian-born Portuguese professional footballer who last played for Fluminense is credited as one of the few players to have won the UEFA Champions League with two different clubs – FC Porto in 2004 and FC Barcelona in 2006. He received the 2006 FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball and the Man of the Match award in the final despite losing to Internacional. He played for Portugal at the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, and for European clubs sides Barcelona, Chelsea, and Porto.

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Saturday 25, Aug 2012

  Colon Banned 50 Games For Positive Test

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Colon Banned 50 Games For Positive Test – Cliff Notes

Bartolo ColonOakland Athletics’ right-handed pitcher @Bartolo Colon has been suspended for fifty games after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. The suspension was announced on Wednesday by Major League Baseball (MLB).

In a statement released through the MLBPA, the 39-year-old Colon rendered an apology to his fans, teammates, and his team while accepting responsibility for his actions. Colon added that he is ready to serve suspension as required by the Joint Drug Program.

The suspension of Colon was the second ban of 50-game imposed by the MLB this week after Giants’ All-Star outfielder Melky Cabrera tested positive for testosterone last week.

Bartolo Colon has a career record of 171-122 and a 4.05 ERA and signed a $2 million contract with the Oakland Athletics, his seventh Major League team, for a period of one year. His failed test for testosterone immediately led to the removal of his belongings from his locker at Oakland Athletics and his nameplate was also taken down.

A person familiar with the suspension said the baseball pitcher has not filed grievance at all and added that the Major League Baseball had not found any links between Colon and Cabrera at this point.

Joseph R. Purita, an orthopedic surgeon in Florida, had revealed last year that he assisted a team of doctors in Dominican Republic with the treatment of Colon and added that he had used human growth hormone in the procedure, but not in this case.

The former Cy Young Award winner joins San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera on the suspended list for the rest of the regular season with the suspension announcement. Colon would be missing the final 40 games of the regular season and the first ten games of the post-season if Oakland gets that far. If not, any reminder of the suspension would be served in a future season of another league contract is signed by Colon.

Colon Banned 50 Games For Positive Test – Video

In a statement, Oakland Athletics said the team is really disappointed to learn of Colon’s suspension as he was one the team was relying on. The place of Colon was given to Tyson Ross by General manager Billy Beane. Colon has a 171-122 record in 15 big league seasons and the right-hander won the 2005 AL Cy Young Award when he was the Los Angeles Angels. After the suspension, he would be losing $469,945 of his $2 million base salary this year and it would also cost him the chance to make $850,000 in additional bonuses based on innings.

This year, five players have been suspended under the big league drug program. In June, Philadelphia infielder Freddy Galvis (clostebol metabolite) and free agent outfielder Marlon Byrd (tamoxifen) were suspended for fifty games each and San Francisco reliever Guillermo Mota (clenbuterol) was penalized for 100 games in May. The 50-game suspension of NL MVP Ryan Braun was overturned after it was argued that his urine sample was not handled according to the rules in the drug program specified at the time. Under the minor league drug program, there have been 76 suspensions this year.

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Thursday 19, Apr 2012


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In the segment of professional sports, which is often accused of being empowered with the use of anabolic steroids and efficiency improving medication among athletes, Nolvadex or Tamoxifen is an effective antiestrogen for keeping excess estrogen creation at bay.

The use of severe and aromatizable steroids and efficiency improving medication, especially at the end of a steroid cycle, is often related to estrogen adverse reactions such as greasy skin, acne, gynecomastia, and liquid storage. It is important for athletes on given to keep a restrain on these adverse reactions else they face the chance of being caught easily by anti-doping agencies.

This is the reason why Nolvadex is popular among athletes on given. The fact that Nolvadex has the unique ability of reducing or removing estrogenic adverse reactions and help athletes obtain the best possible benefits of steroid cycles in no time means that the drug is helpful in more than just a way.

In the world of healthcare sciences, Nolvadex is recommended to women people affected with breasts cancers and also indicated to females who are at risk for breasts cancers and in females with DCIS (after surgery and radiation) to prevent breast cancer development. By preventing the effect of estrogens on specific cancers, Nolvadex stops the growth of cancers that are triggered by estrogens.

The ideal dose of Nolvadex is 20-40 mg per day, with or without meals, and in demanding compliance with healthcare guidelines. The dosages should not be changed without healthcare approval else Nolvadex use can lead to adverse reactions like bone pain, weight-loss, hot whizzes, sickness, and exhaustion.

In order to maintain its life expectancy and efficiency, Nolvadex is required to be saved at a managed temperature between 68 and 77 degrees F (20 and 25 degrees C) in a tightly closed, light-resistant container.

Tuesday 29, Jun 2010

  Football Program suspended after positive drug tests

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Football Program suspended after positive drug testsA football program was suspended by a leading Canadian University after nine players were found violating anti-doping policy during a special investigation.

The University of Waterloo in Ontario placed coaches of the team on paid leave besides canceling football for the coming season while it conducts a review.

Bob Copeland, the university’s director of athletics, remarked that he was surprised and disappointed at the same time and considers this as a wake-up call for people across Canada.

Sunday 13, Jun 2010

  Side effects of cancer treatment options can be reduced by Acupuncture

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Side effects of cancer treatment options can be reduced by AcupunctureAcupuncture can prove to be an effective yet safe treatment option when it comes to the management of common debilitating side effects of hot flashes, excessive sweating, and night sweats that are associated with breast cancer treatment. This finding was disclosed in a study that also suggested that acupuncture has no treatment side effects.

These findings were part of a first-of-its-kind study that was presented at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology’s 50th Annual Meeting in Boston.

Eleanor Walker, M.D., lead author of the study and a radiation oncologist at the Henry Ford Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology in Detroit, remarked that acupuncture is more durable than a drug presently used to treat symptoms of vasomotor.

Wednesday 28, Apr 2010

  Acupuncture minimizes breast cancer treatment side effects

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acupuncture-minimizes-breast-cancer-treatment-side-effectsWhen compared to conventional drug therapy, acupuncture is equally effective and long-lasting in managing the common debilitating side effects of hot flashes, excessive sweating, and night sweats that are associated with breast cancer treatment as per a study. It was also noted that acupuncture has no treatment side effects.

These findings were part of a first-of-its-kind study presented at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology’s 50th Annual Meeting in Boston.

Eleanor Walker, M.D., lead author of the study and a radiation oncologist at the Henry Ford Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology in Detroit, said that acupuncture is more durable than a drug presently used for treating the vasomotor symptoms.

Sunday 05, Jul 2009

  Older Breast Cancer Patients often get neglected

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Older Breast Cancer Patients often get neglectedResearchers at the University of Manchester have found that older women with breast cancer get a lower level of care and often neglected when compared to younger women.

It was found that older women with breast carcinoma (cancer) were less likely to be diagnosed via triple assessment and needle biopsy than younger women. It was also found that the older women are less likely to undergo breast surgery and receive radiotherapy than their young counterparts. These are some of the possible reasons why mortality is higher in older women with breast cancer.

These findings were presented by Dr Katrina Lavelle, who led the study at the University’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work.

Dr. Lavelle remarked that there is a clear difference in perceptions of many clinicians when it comes to the treatment in relation with older women with breast cancer.

Tuesday 24, Feb 2009


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iowa-man-found-with-several-performance-enhancing-drugsThe Iowa City Police department recently raided a house in S. Johnson street after receiving criminal complaints against the resident, Salomon Aragon, Jr. Police reported that Aragon, a 22-year old, was found smoking marijuana, an illegal substance. After the report, a warrant was made in order to search the residence. Aragon did not hesitate in letting the police into his house to do the search. What they found was an astounding collection of prescription drugs that Aragon did not have any reason to be possessing. Further details on why Aragon had these are still unknown.

Most of the drugs seized are used in the medical world although one would need a prescription in order to obtain them legally. Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator used as an anti-cancer. Clomiphene is used to treat infertility in females. So why would Aragon have these? The steroids seized are also all used as performance enhancing drugs in the world of bodybuilding and sports. Among the bunch are anabolic androgenic steroids such as testosterone, clomiphene, stanozolol and oxandrolone. Aragon was easy to post bail after he was arrested and charged of several counts of illegal possession of prescription drugs, of controlled substances and violation of the Iowa Drug Tax Stamp. After he posted bond, he can’t be found or reached to for interview on the issue.