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Tuesday 03, May 2011

  Education Program Announced for Arlington ISD Students

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Education Program Announced for Arlington ISD StudentsThe Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation recently announced the creation of a partnership with the Taylor Hooton Foundation to fight steroid abuse on a comprehensive education program in the Arlington Independent School District.

Details of the partnership and program were announced at a press conference at the Hutcheson Junior High School in Arlington.

Greenberg also said, “We are extremely proud to be working with the Rangers in educating our children about this threat. On and off the field we couldn’t have a better partner,” Don Hooton, President of the Hooton Foundation said. “Anabolic steroid use continues to be a growing problem among our nation’s youth. The most powerful weapon that we have to fight this battle is education, and we are so very pleased that the Texas Rangers are joining forces with us to help insure that students in the Arlington ISD are exposed to the truth about these dangerous, illegal drugs.”

Thursday 29, Oct 2009

  Don Hooton believes McGwire is the best man to speak about steroids use

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Don Hooton believes McGwire is the best man to speak about steroids useMark McGwire may have kept a very private life ever since his retirement from Major League Baseball, but he promised to spread to word against the use of steroids and its ill effects to children. He promised to charge his foundation with the same message.

A few months after the congressional hearings, Don Hooton, father of Taylor Hooton, the high school baseball player who committed suicide, received an envelope containing a check addressed to the Taylor Hooton Foundation. The check was from Mark McGwire’s foundation.

For the past three years, the Taylor Hooton Foundation has been receiving donations from McGwire’s foundation. However, McGwire’s representative requested that the amount of donations must be kept private.

According to Hooton, McGwire’s personality and popularity, especially with the kids would be advantageous for him to spread the message. Since his back in the spotlight, it would be a great opportunity for him to start to speak and get the message relayed across.

Hooton would want to see McGwire use his voice and influence to spread the word about this topic. He would like McGwire to tell the kids the price he paid for getting involved.

Friday 21, Aug 2009

  Hooton back in Louisiana to talk about steroids

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Hooton back in Louisiana to talk about steroidsDon Hooton, a native of Lafayette and the president of Taylor Hooton Foundation is back in Louisiana to talk about steroids in two Acadiana high schools, the St. Edmund’s School and Opelousas Catholic School.

According to him, teenagers usually learn about drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, and alcohol. However, steroids are usually taken for granted. With fall sports nearing, many high-schoolers are preparing for try-outs. If they are not careful, they might end up resorting to unhealthy choices. There are about a hundred different types of steroids in the market, and they are easy to get anywhere.

Don Hooton started the Taylor Hooton Foundation after his son’s death in 2003. Taylor, was a 16-year-old student and baseball player at Plano West Senior High School in Plano, Texas. He was told by his coach that he needed to gain more weight in order to effectively compete in his senior year. He turned into steroids. However, he was unaware of the depression brought about by the substance.

Hooton’s Chat Talk is a program of the the Taylor Hooton foundation exclusively created to provide education and awareness against performance-enhancing drugs. It provides facts, side effects and dangers of using steroids especially among the youth.

From KATC:

Lafayette native Don Hooton speaks across the country about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs, or steroids. He started a national organization, the Taylor Hooton Foundation, after his teenage son died from them. Now he is back in Acadiana to spread the word.

Thursday 20, Aug 2009

  Taylor Hooton Foundation received $10,000 donation

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Taylor Hooton Foundation received $10,000 donationThe New York Yankees, announced last August 11, 2009 that they will be donating $10,000 to the Taylor Hooton Foundation, a foundation formed by Taylor’s father, Don Hooton. The foundation was created following his death due to suicide in July 2003.

Taylor Hooton was a high school student and a baseball player at Plano West Senior High in Plano, Texas.

He was on performance enhancing substance and Clomid at the time of his death. His family believed that his death was linked to clinical depression and suicidal tendencies, some of the effects caused by the use of steroids. Clomid, on the other hand, is an estrogen pill used mainly in female infertility due to the absence of ovulation.

Since then, his father focused his attention on the organization’s anti-steroid advocacy.

One of the foundation’s visions is to create awareness among high school students about steroids, the risks associated and the serious effects of steroids abuse. The foundation also aims to develop honesty, integrity, fair play and healthy competition among high school athletes.

Don Hooton ceremoniously threw out the first pitch before the start of the New York Yankees game versus the Toronto Blue Jays.

From Rivalry Central:

The New York Yankees today announced that Don Hooton, father of Taylor Hooton and president of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the start of the Yankees’ 7:05 p.m. game vs. the Toronto Blue Jays tonight. Additionally, he will be presented with a $10,000 donation from the Yankee Foundation toward his work.

Friday 27, Feb 2009


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father-calls-on-a-rode28099s-supportThe name Dan Hooton is not new in news about steroids. No, he is not an athlete who was found using steroids nor is he a drug dealer who was recently busted by the cops. He is not related to baseball or wrestling or the NFL. Dan Hooton is a father and he could have been just your regular dad except that six years ago, his son died from steroid use. Taylor Hooton was a pitcher for his high school baseball team back when he was 17. Because he wanted to become bigger and stronger, Taylor took anabolic steroids and was found by his mom hanging in his room after seven months of use. The suicide was caused by the side effects of the steroids and Dan Hooton has never forgotten that since. Dan Hooton has been an anti-steroid advocate ever since Taylor died. He established the Taylor Hooton Foundation addressed to informing the youth of the negative effects of these performance enhancing drugs and hopefully, prevent future “Taylors”. Recently, he had contacted Alex Rodriguez in hopes that the baseball superstar, who had lately been in the news for his steroid use, would join them in their advocacy.

Dan Hooton goes around the country telling everyone the different forgotten stories of the youth that had used steroids and the story of his son, Taylor. Dan Hooton doesn’t really care about the professional athletes that take steroids, as a matter of fact. But he cares about the youth and the young ones who look up to their idols and see those using steroids and start thinking that it’s okay when it’s not.