vince__linda_mcmahon-steroidsLinda McMahon is not only Vince McMahon’s wife. She is the CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment, and she had also been called for questioning by the  U. S. Congress with regards to rampant anabolic steroid use in professional wrestling. Linda McMahon’s interview was far more useful than the highly criticized Vince McMahon testimonial. In fact, Linda gave a very interesting comment about Ted Turner, one of America’s most prominent businessmen.

Obviously, gone are the days when the then-WWF strongly showed their support for steroid testing policies. From what Linda McMahon pointed out, Turner didn’t openly promote the use of steroids in order to gain more wrestlers. He just kept a blind eye on wrestlers using steroids. It’s no wonder that Turner was able to lure a lot of individuals into joining professional wrestling in the mid-90s. It wasn’t just the smell of money that attracted them; it was the opportunity to get away with steroid use in a profession where you’re looked upon as the next action hero.

Maybe the congress didn’t waste its time getting Linda McMahon’s testimonial, but the question really is: Why didn’t they get one from Ted Turner himself? With such an obvious lead Linda had given then, it makes you question the committee’s efforts in getting behind the steroid action in the world of wrestling.