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Friday 10, Aug 2012

  Nate Marquardt Wins Strikeforce Gold

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Nate Marquardt Wins Strikeforce Gold – Cliff Notes

@Nate Marquardt, the former UFC contender, has won the vacant Strikeforce welterweight championship with a knockout of Tyron Woodley.

 Nate Marquardt – Post Tyron Woodley Interview – Strikeforce MMA

A few years ago, the MMA fighter admitted in an interview that he was suffering from low testosterone levels and his doctor recommended testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Before his fight against Dan Miller in New Jersey, he requested a therapeutic-use exemption (TUE) but the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board indicated that request of his doctor was incomplete and the TRT treatment was not in accordance with the standards of USADA. The Board said they would authorize the testosterone treatment as long as Marquardt agrees to go off treatment for eight weeks and take three blood tests after the fight.

However, the personal doctor of the fighter suggested aggressive treatment and recommended injecting the testosterone straight rather than allowing Marquardt to take oral medications that promote the pituitary gland to spur testosterone production in the testicles. The testosterone injections pushed the fighter’s levels out of the range accepted by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission (PSAC) and UFC President fired Marquardt through Twitter.

White said Nate Marquardt would never fight in the UFC again after he failed to clear his medicals for his main event fight against Rick Story at a UFC event in Pittsburgh. Marquardt then went public and disclosed that his medicals failed because of elevated levels of testosterone due to a testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. The UFC President added that the MMA fighter tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2006, was on suspension for New Jersey, then failed to clear his medicals at Pennsylvania, and could not get a fourth chance. White added that there is a difference between testosterone replacement therapy and getting to levels where it is performance enhancing.

Born on April 20, 1979, Marquardt is an American mixed martial artist running the High Altitude Martial Arts Academy in Aurora, Colorado. Marquardt (31-10-2) has compiled 10 wins since joining the UFC in 2005 and has fought for the middleweight title in 2007 against Anderson Silva, which he lost via first-round TKO. Marquardt came close twice in 2010 to compete for the title again but fell short after decision losses to Chael Sonnen and Yushin Okami. On July 3, 2010 he was expected to face Alessio Sakara but the flight was called off after Sakara pulled out due to the death of his father. On March 19, 2011 at UFC 128, he won a fight against Dan Miller via unanimous decision after Yoshihiro Akiyama pulled out of the bout. The MMA fighter signed with top U.K. fight promotion BAMMA, the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts after his suspension was lifted by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission.

Recently, Dana White made an announcement that the fighter has signed with Strikeforce and his debut was Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy against Tyron Woodley in a bout for the vacant Strikeforce Welterweight Championship where he knocked out Woodley to become the Strikeforce Welterweight champion. The former UFC contender Nate Marquardt controlled the stand-up for the first two rounds and held off takedown attempts of Woodley to emerge victorious.


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Friday 10, Aug 2012

  Chael Sonnen Tests Positive

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Chael Sonnen Tests Positive – Cliff Notes

Chael Sonnen - doping testosteroneChael Patrick Sonnen, popularly known as Chael Sonnen, has tested positive for elevated testosterone levels. The American mixed martial artist who competes as a middleweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship tested positive after his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 117 in August 2010. The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) suspended Sonnen for fabricating testimony in a previous hearing while accounting for his failed drug test at UFC 117. Sonnen, under oath, said he had never taken anabolic steroids.

Sonnen remarked that he provided full disclosure regarding his low testosterone levels on the pre-fight paperwork prior to his last two bouts and was receiving testosterone twice a week since 2008.

He, however, has now been granted a conditional therapeutic use exemption for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. With this ruling, Sonnen can now use TRT while preparing for a fight against Anderson Silva on July 7 in Las Vegas.

It was disclosed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that Sonnen is required to stop receiving the testosterone injections prior to the fight at a date determined by NSAC executive director Keith Kizer. In addition to that, he is asked to submit a blood sample the day after the fight and the sample results should remain below the 6:1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone level accepted by the NSAC.

NSAC physician Dr. Timothy Trainor, after testifying the medical records of Sonnen, testified that Chael Sonnen has a problem with Hypogonadism. Dr. Timothy added that it was appropriate to grant Sonnen an exemption but Sonnen needs to be “vigilant” in administering the dosage exactly as prescribed.

Sonnen has the distinction of being a silver medalist at the 2000 Greco-Roman World University Championships and is a two-time Dave Schultz Memorial International Greco-Roman winner. He was an NCAA Division I All-American wrestler at the University of Oregon and is ranked as the No. 2 middleweight in the world by Sherdog as of June 2012.

 Chael Sonnen Breaks his silence to Mike Straka – Video

In 1997, he started his MMA career at the age of 19 by defeating Ben Hailey in Vancouver, Washington and then went on to defeat future ICON Sport Middleweight Champion and Strikeforce Middleweight contender Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Chael Sonnen made his UFC and light heavyweight debut at UFC 55 against former IFC Light Heavyweight Champion Renato Sobral, submitting to a triangle choke in the second round but avenged his first loss in MMA by wining a unanimous decision over Trevor Prangley at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 4.

Sonnen has also been accused of money laundering and pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to a single count in a case wherein he and others involved in the deal steered a $69,091 kickback to the buyer. Sonnen agreed to give up his Realtor’s license and pay a $10,000 fine as part of his plea deal, according to Michelle Holman Kerin, the assistant U.S. attorney handling the case.

Sonnen fought Paulo Filho for the WEC Middleweight Championship in December 2007 and lost via a controversial submission at 4:55 of the second round. A rematch was scheduled but Chael Sonnen had to face undefeated WEC Middleweight contender Bryan Baker after Filho entered a drug rehabilitation program. Sonnen dominated Baker or three rounds to win a unanimous decision.


California State Athletic Commission Meeting Minutes Chael Sonnen


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Saturday 14, Jul 2012

  Benefits of HCG

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HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural peptide hormonal agent that is today available in the form of supplements to individuals experiencing the lack of it. Use of these HCG supplements is associated with extraordinary muscle mass and size gains without limiting on the muscle definition.

HCG is consistently recommended to generate ovulation and cure ovarian conditions in women besides being suggested to hypogonadal men as part of the testosterone replacement therapy. It is also suggested by doctors for treating undescended testicles in young men and providing a signal to the testes for maintaining testicular size and condition. The use of HCG stimulates metabolic rate of the body besides showing usefulness for burning fatty substances into calories. This benefit is incredibly useful for melting bulges.

HCG use is also associated with muscle growth and stamina, red blood cell, performance, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and muscle function improvements. Human chorionic gonadotropin is also effective in stimulating the hypothalamus gland to control cravings for junks and deeply fried foods.

HCG is commonly used with anabolic-androgenic steroid drugs for enhancing weight training results and keeping improvements over a period. Since HCG stimulates the testes to produce more of androgenic hormonal agent or testosterone, this medication is popular among athletes on severe and aromatizable steroid drugs who have been experiencing deficiency of testosterone. In addition to all these benefits, HCG is also useful in normalizing cholesterol and the hypothyroid glands. It is considered that HCG use shows incredibly beneficial for individuals experiencing serious health problems such as arthritis, joint problems, cartilage damage, or cervical problems. HCG is the best medication for increasing sperm count, making men more fertile, and helping them experience dramatic transformations by losing fat and weight besides facilitating faster recovery for muscle soreness after workouts.

Monday 09, Jul 2012

  Why Choose Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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Thousands of men in their late 30s and 40s are trying testosterone injections, solutions, and patches these days in desires of restoring virility and youth. This is because the amount of naturally-producing testosterone can be reduced with growing age and this is the time when artificial testosterone supplements or testosterone replacement therapy comes into the picture.

Testosterone is a naturally-producing steroid hormone that is accountable for the proper development of male sex-related features. It is also accountable to maintain muscle volume, sufficient levels of red blood cells, bone strength and solidity, sense of well-being, and sexual and reproductive functions.

The levels of natural testosterone may get limited or reduce due to many factors, including chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, hormone analogues used for treating prostate cancer and steroids, genetic abnormalities like Klinefelter’s syndrome (extra X chromosome), chronic illness, chronic renal (kidney) failure, injury or infection to the testicles, HIV and AIDS, congenital conditions, stress and inflammatory diseases. Symptoms of low testosterone include depressed mood, decreased sex drive, difficulties with memory and concentration, decreased sense of well-being, and erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone levels can lead to variable effects on cholesterol metabolism, increase in body fat, fragile bones (osteoporosis), decrease in body hair, decrease in muscle mass, decrease in hemoglobin, and possibly mild anemia.

However, treating testosterone deficiency can be made easy with testosterone patches that are worn either on the body or on the scrotum, or daily application of testosterone gels that are applied to the upper arms, shoulders, or abdomen, or administration of intramuscular injections, usually every two or three weeks, or using gum tablets or buccal medications. By using any of these corrective drugs or techniques, one can experience dramatic increases in appetite, activity of the skin’s oil glands, sex drive, body musculature, red blood cells (RBCs), body hair growth, muscle mass and bone density, etc. besides reducing fatigue, anger, and depression.

Thursday 24, May 2012

  Sustanon 250

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Low levels of androgenic hormonal agent or testosterone can be a great cause of concern for men, especially athletes, since the male sex hormonal agent is instrumental in development and maintenance of reproductive tissue like testes, prostate, epididymis, seminal vesicles, and penis besides promoting men properties such as increased muscle durability, hair regrowth etc. This medical complication can however be treated with a highly potent medication, Sustanon 250, in quick time.

Commonly used as a preferred medication for testosterone replacement therapy for lack of androgenic hormonal agent or testosterone, Sustanon 250 is one of the most sought after drugs nowadays. It is a blend of different estered testosterones (four of them): testosterone propionate – 30 mg, testosterone phenylpropionate – 60 mg, testosterone isocaproate – 60mg, and testosterone decanoate – 100 mg, and treats lack of testosterone by constantly releasing the hormonal agent for the system.

       Since it includes four different esters and each one has a different half life, it ensures continuous release of androgenic hormonal agent or testosterone from the injected site. Moreover, Sustanon 250 is also effective for improving the count of red blood cells in the system that leads to extraordinary advantages like improved exercise endurance and enhanced oxygen carrying capacity within the system. By using Sustanon, athletes can expect extraordinary benefits such as durability, stamina, protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and performance improvements with six to eight weeks of usage.

The suggested dose of Sustanon 250, for bodybuilders, is 250-500 mg per week. This anabolic steroid is NOT suggested to females, especially pregnant and breastfeeding females, as it can lead to virilizing effects such as deepening of voice, unwanted hair regrowth, clitoral enlargement, and bone development.

Friday 20, Jan 2012

  Arimidex- Anastrozole

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If you want to use anabolic steroids but worry about estrogenic side effects, it is time that you access a clear and complete understanding about Arimidex, also known as Liquidex, A-dex, or Anastrozole. This non-steroidal drug is one of the best post cycle therapy drugs that can easily protect you from estrogenic side effects like oily skin, acne, fluid retention, or gynecomastia.

The chemical name of Arimidex is 1,3-Benzenediacetonitrile, a, a, a’, a’-tetramethyl-5-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl) and its molecular formula is C17H19N5; the active life of this drug is 42-48 hours. Arimidex is prescribed, medically, to post menopausal women with breast cancer when standard therapies such as Tamoxifen have failed to deliver results. The aromatase inhibitor, Arimidex, also has the unique ability of reducing the concentrations of blood estradiol to minimize the size and growth of cancerous tumors. It is also prescribed as part of testosterone replacement therapy to hypogonadal men afflicted with low testosterone levels.

When taken in an oral form, A-dex enters the liver where as much as 90 percent of it is broken down into inactive metabolites. One of the biggest advantages with Arimidex is that it is not excreted in the urine, which suggests that it can even be used by those with kidney impairment. Arimidex is an extremely popular antiestrogen among sportsmen and others who make use of anabolic steroids (harsh or aromatizable). It is also effective in restoring (and even promoting increases) the levels of testosterone after the same have been reduced to a considerable extent during a steroid cycle involving harsh or aromatizable steroids. The best thing about Arimidex is that it demonstrates dramatic results even at a low dose of 1 mg. It is worthwhile to note here that the ideal dose of Arimidex is 0.5 mg for the first day and thereafter the dose can be increased to 1 mg per day.

It is also important to note here that Arimidex is one of the very few antiestrogens that could be an integral of any steroid cycle, bulking or cutting, and allows steroid users to reap and even optimize the benefits of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs without leading to a drop in testosterone levels or putting users in risk of estrogenic side effects. Belonging to the Class III generation selective oral aromatase inhibitors, Arimidex is not recommended for use by premenopausal females, breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Arimidex should also not be used by those with prostate or breast cancer or allergic to Arimidex or any of its active and/or inactive ingredients. The use of Arimidex should always be made after the recommended of a qualified medical practitioner and dosages must be strictly regulated and followed as per the medical advice. Under no circumstances, Arimidex should be abused or over-doses as it can lead to side effects such as dizziness. Individuals using any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement should seek medical advice before using Arimidex as the drug may interfere with functioning of these products, leading to side effects. Since the use of Arimidex leads to dizziness, its use is not recommended for those who perform on heavy machines, vehicles, or performing or about to perform an intense activity.In order to maintain its effectiveness and shelf life, Arimidex is required to be stored at a controlled room temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F) and must be protected against moisture, heat, direct light, and unauthorized use.

Wednesday 12, Oct 2011

  Nate Marquardt gets released from UFC

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The days of Nate Marquardt, the former middleweight top contender, are without a doubt over, according to UFC president Dana White.

The UFC fighter said his medically prescribed use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is what caused him to register high levels of testosterone but White was far from convinced.

“To me this is his fourth chance. This is a fourth chance,” White flatly stated following today’s UFC 132 pre-fight press conference.

Thursday 08, Sep 2011

  Nate Marquardt out of UFC forever

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Nate Marquardt out of UFC foreverUFC president Dana White has said that Nate Marquardt will never fight in the UFC again.

Marquardt (31-10) was cut from the UFC roster after he failed to clear his medicals in anticipation for his main event fight against Rick Story at a UFC event in Pittsburgh last weekend.

“Nate’s done,” White told ESPN.com. “Nate is a nice guy. He’s real sweet and humble. But facts are facts and it is what it is.”

Thursday 08, Sep 2011

  UFC fighter Nate Marquardt gets the axe

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UFC fighter Nate Marquardt gets the axeFighter Nate Marquardt has been released from the UFC after he failed to pass his medicals at UFC on Versus 4. Marquardt was being pulled from the night’s main event.

This was in response to his issues with his testosterone replacement therapy.

UFC president Dana White said the release was primarily due to a testosterone replacement therapy regiment that may have been used in a “performance-enhancing” capacity.

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