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Thursday 23, Apr 2009


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SHEFFIELD HITS 500TH CAREER HOMERUNGary Sheffield believes everything happens for a purpose. Never mind if people think him too pious. At least he got vindicated and the tainted past is now long forgotten.

On Friday, Sheffield rounded the field to complete his 500th career homerun, which some didn’t think would ever happen. The Mets desperately needed the win, and that homerun also broke the tie 5-4 against Milwaukee. Because of this victory fans are ready to forgive his brush with the steroids.

Getting Sheffield for the Mets is something Jose Reyes would never regret, if in case he did before. Having Gary on the team as the 25th baseball player to hit the 500th homerun is enough for the Mets to make history. Reyes definitely made a great choice of getting him. It didn’t matter now that Sheffield wasn’t originally part of the team.

The Mets have Sheffield to thank for he gave life to what seemed to be a hopeless team. Willie Randolph had been the biggest thing that happened to them until later in the evening when Sheffield just whacked the ball into a homerun.

Friday 10, Apr 2009

  Except Steroid links, Gary Sheffield signed deal with Mets

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Except Steroid links, Gary Sheffield signed deal with Mets  In a questionable manner, David Wright, the face of the Mets franchise, signed Gary Sheffield, the player who has past steroid links. The decision was made after giving appropriate time to the thought by Wright. Sheffield said about the Mets, “It’s been a lifelong thing for me. I wanted to fulfill my dream. I have a chance to win a championship here. If it comes to me coming off the bench, I’ll do that.”

It is reasonable from the player to join the franchise, but what is clicking in the mind is that why would the Mets want to enroll this player after knowing all the steroid gossips that have troubled him? Just because it was a no-lose move for Mets as they were only one who were paying Sheffield $400,000 and could cut him more easily than the infield grass.

But, one thing is sure if the reason is only this, the team could lose a great deal. Jerry Manuel spoke frankly before the game about how he isn’t worried about nursing along Daniel Murphy or Fernando Tatis. He said, “I’m not trying to develop or evolve. I’m trying to win a championship.”

Sheffield behaved in a proper way and knocked some bunch of runs then also the situtation remained the same as the real problem was in signing the player. Mets was once home to Kirk Radomski and signed Guillermo Mota to a two-year, back-loaded deal so that he would not suffer in monetary way due to 50-game drug suspension penalty.

Now the Mets have signed Sheffield, a player whose past links with performance-enhancing drugs are still a doubtful question. He himself had admitted the usage of a steroid cream in 2001 and was later named in the Mitchell Report as the steroid user. With all these mess ups, it would definitely not surprise anybody if Sheffield’s name was there in the list of positive tests from 2003 that could be leaked anytime.

Being a family-friendly franchise, the Mets have always tried to eliminate itself from any kind of potential embarrassment. But what appears to be questionable is that whether signing of Anna Benson’s Santa is more disgusting than the player, who himself has confirmed the acceptance of using a designer steroid, but without knowing what it was?

For the moment, however, the Mets could at least make the appearance that they are trying to implement the right ideology when it comes to battling the curse of steroids. By signing Sheffield, the team become the only one team that has signed the player after fully knowing his tainted past.