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Saturday 18, Apr 2009


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MORE NAMES BEING LINKED TO STEROIDSThe steroids issue is not ready to be put to rest as more baseball players are being named linking them to the use of performance enhancing drugs. The latest in the string of MLB icons being dragged into the forefront is former pitcher of the Dodgers, Ismael Valdez. On Sunday, The New York Times had released a report naming Troy Glaus of the Toronto Blue Jays, pitcher Scott Schoeneweis, and journeyman catcher Todd Greene as the new set of personalities in baseball found to be guilty of injecting steroids that had been prescribed by Roman Scruggs, a 62 year old anti aging doctor.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had signed in Ismael Valdez in 1991 and began in the major leagues in 1994.

Most fans wonder who else among their baseball heroes are not into steroids? America’s well loved sport is going to the dogs. One just wonder if there is still any way to redeem this game.

Friday 17, Apr 2009


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MOZELIAK WILL DISCUSS STEROID USE WITH GLAUSOn Sunday New York Times reported that the Cardinals’ third baseman Troy Glaus had used steroids in 2003-04. He justified that he only used the performance enhancing drugs to speed up the recovery of his shoulder injury. He acquired this while he was still with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Last week in Phoenix, Glaus had his rehab for a surgery he had in January on an injury near the one he had in 2003. He reportedly acquired the steroids from an anti-aging doctor named Ramon Scruggs. What was controversial was that he received the steroids prescription before the doctor even knew of his injuries.

Because of his admission for using steroids for a valid purpose had prompted Cardinals’ manager, John Mozeliak, to talk to Glaus while they are in Arizona.

Glaus also reasoned that he wanted to recover quickly to get back on the field. With his career on the line he cannot afford not playing for several months.

Steroids are known not only to increase muscle gains but also assist in the repair of muscle strains and injuries.

Thursday 16, Apr 2009


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MLB PLAYERS SAY INJURIES MAKE THEM USE STEROIDSThe New York Times released a report that several MLB players testified against Ramon Scruggs, a 62 year old doctor who prescribed steroids and human growth hormones with out having to see the players. This report also sheds light over the fact that steroids are used to help the players heal faster from their injuries acquired during training and after every game.

Steroids are known to aid in the recovery of muscle injury and lubricate the joints to and prevent further bone injury. If these injuries are not addressed or are not healed sooner, a player could risk not being able to be on the field for the rest of the season. This is the defense of Troy Glaus of the Anaheim Angels who admitted using steroids even after the drug ban was imposed.

According to the players injuries were the reasons why they had to take steroids that also happen to be performance-enhancing drugs and not to gain any competitive advantage in the play-offs. However, what made the MLB suspicious was the fact that they continued to use PEDs after their recovery.

Monday 16, Mar 2009


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MCGWIRE KEEPS MUM OVER STEROIDSRetired baseball slugger Mark McGwire, had rarely been seen in public or made any comment since he appeared at a Congressional hearing on steroids. Recently however he agrees to an interview with the New York Times as long as it doesn’t touch on the easy about the allegations that he had been using performance enhancing drugs.

Since his retirement in 2001 he retreated to a more private life. The more he did so when Jose Canseco’s book linked him to steroid use. When he was asked he neither denied nor confirmed it saying he was not going to talk about the past.

McGwire has expressed his interest in coaching in the Major Leagues. He almost had a chance to attend the spring training in 2008 in lieu of Tony La Russa, his former manager. But there had been a family situation that he had to attend to. He is currently the hitting instructor for Holliday and Crosby for the Oakland A’s and Schumaker and Duncan for the St. Louis Cardinals. He says he enjoys his time with the guys and talk to them about hitting which he seldom did while he was still playing.