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Friday 12, Sep 2008

  Former UFC champ Evan Tanner found dead in desert

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Evan Tanner MMAEvan Tanner, one of the standouts of the sport of mixed martial arts, is dead at 37.

Tanner’s body was found in the Palo Verde mountain area in California near the Arizona border in September 8. Authorities also found the site where Tanner was believed to have camped out. Tanner’s motorcycle was also discovered in the site.

The Imperial Country Sheriff’s office is not yet disclosing further details relating to the tragedy but according to published reports a deputy from the sheriff’s office discovered the body in the mountain’s Clapp Spring area. No official statement yet as to the cause and other circumstances surrounding Tanner’s death.

Tanner’s friends, however, provided some details. They said they last heard from him on Sept. 3, Wednesday, and it was on Saturday when a search was carried out. At that time temperature in the area soared to nearly 115 degrees. It was reported that the initial search efforts yielded no results.

Tanner was born in Amarillo, Texas and had shown interest in wrestling when he was in high school, winning titles during his junior and senior years. In 1997, he became a professional mixed martial artist and commenced on working for an impressive19-0 record. That had paved the way for him into the UFC promotion.

In 2001, Tanner earned his first title shot but was defeated by UFC light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz in a decisive first-round knockout. For his next eight fights after dropping to the middleweight division, however, Tanner dished out stellar performances, scoring a 7-1 record. Then at UFC 51 in February 2005, Tanner triumphed over David Terrell via TKO for the UFC’s vacant 185-pound title. Tanner did not keep that title for long though as he was defeated four months later by Rich Franklin at UFC 53.

Subsequent to that defeat, Tanner fought two times more for the organization then took almost a two-year hiatus from the cage. He spent his time off putting up a charity to house and to train disadvantaged athletes, a cause he eventually dropped. It was also during that time, Tanner started to blog on his official website, openly writing about his recreational activities, which included his travels. He also posted about his battle with alcohol addiction. Tanner was known for veering away from corporate sponsorships, relying on his fan base to sponsor him directly.

In November 2007, Tanner announced that he was returning to competition as confirmed with his new four-fight deal with UFC.  Tanner was able to fulfill two of those bouts, but suffered losses in March and June to Yushin Okami and Kendall Grove respectively.

Prior to his bout with Grove, Tanner started to write an online journal at Spike.com with his final post dated Sept.2. His blog that day talked about his plan to train at the Compound MMA camp in Oceanside, Calif., as well as his surfing activity.

Tanner talked about his plan to camp out in the California desert in his Aug. 16 entry.
“I’ve been gathering my gear for this adventure for over a month, not a long time by most standards, but far too long for my impatient nature.Being a minimalist by nature, wanting to carry only the essentials, and being extremely particular, it has been a little difficult to find just the right equipment. I plan on going so deep into the desert that any failure of my equipment could cost me my life.”

Tanner died with a professional record of 32-8 MMA, 12-5 UFC.

Thursday 28, Feb 2008

  UFC® 84 ILL WILL and the steroid crowd

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It seems we have a lot to talk about when it comes to UFC84 and steroid use.  There are quiet a few contestants who are/were steroid users.  The fights we will discuss:

BJ Penn Vs. Sean Sherk
Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine
Tito Ortiz Vs. Lyoto Machida

The list of possible steroid users:

BJ Penn
Sean Sherk
Wanderlei Silva
Keith Jardine
Tito Ortiz

Which of the above are MOST likely to have used anabolic steroids or human growth hormone:
Sean Sherk
Wanderlei Silva

As usual, we will rip up all the fighters and their history on steroid use.