sean-sherk-ufc steroidsSean Sherk a History in UFC:

Our 1st target of steroid use discussion is Sean Sherk, one of the many fighters we’ll discuss in the upcoming UFC 84. Sean Sherk was just suspended for steroid use, after testing positive after the UFC73 event 07/07/07. Now he’s back, after claiming he didn’t use steroids, and a long suspension. He lost his title by default to an interim champion BJ Penn. Now, he’s going to get a chance to gain back his ‘stolen’ title. This time he’ll surely be tested for anabolic steroids.

Sean Sherk and Steroids:

After UFC 73, Sean Sherk tested positive for steroids, but  so did his opponent Hermes Franca.  This begs the question, how likely is it that 2 athletes are testing positive for steroids from the same fight.  Answer: unlikely!  It’s very possible that the steroid test done on Sherk was false positive.  Sean Sherk, though, in our eyes is probably a heavy anabolic steroid user, just based on his looks.  Sean, please be ready for your steroid test this time!

UFC 84 BJ Penn Vs. Sean Sherk fight outcome predictions:

1) BJ Penn Submits Sean Sherk in Round 2

probability:  45%

2)  Sean Sherk wins a decision over BJ Penn

probability: 55%