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Monday 16, Mar 2009


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DISCOVERY OF NEW GENE DOES NOT AFFECT DRUG TESTS  Researchers of the World Anti-Doping Association is not giving much importance to the discovery of a new gene that can change the way drug tests should be conducted in international sports. The gene, UGT2B17, is said to control testosterone absorption in to the bloodstream that makes it possible for steroid levels to vary depending on ethnicity. The threshold of testosterone to epi-testosterone for violation is 4:1. Asians reportedly have lower threshold compared to Caucasians which give them an advantage when drug tests are conducted. This findings invalidates the previous drug tests conducted on international athletes.

According to Travis Tygart, chief executive for the US Anti Doping Agency, said that the important thing is that they found the gene but there is nothing new to this report. Tygart said that the WADA had known for years that this condition had been discussed. Frederick Donze, spokesman for WADA said that the agency is aware of this observation. He assured that the laboratories that conduct the tests make sure that these factors would not affect the results of the tests.

Saturday 14, Mar 2009


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ETHNICITY SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IN DRUG TESTINGDrug tests conducted among athletes in international sports may not be accurate, according to Swiss researchers who are asking for the temporary suspension of ongoing drug testing of foreign athletes. This inaccuracy would be due to ethnic differences that had not been taken into consideration prior to administering the tests.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published this study at the height of the steroid use in international sports. According to the said study the ratio of testosterone and epitosterone in the urine tells whether the specimen is positive for steroid content. The threshold for athletes is four and above. But it has been discovered that this threshold varies depending on the ethnicity. It has been proven that the gene UGT2B17 varies for every ethnicity. These variations affect the metabolic rate and consequently affects the rate of testosterone that comes out of the urine.

International sports stars like Barry Bonds, Major League baseball stars Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez now face the consequences of being involved in steroids use. Both Bonds and Clemens face perjury raps for allegedly lying about their steroid use. Rodriguez on the other hand had admitted that he used PEDs in 2001-2003 while with the Texas Rangers.