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Saturday 29, Apr 2017

  Bill To Ban Steroid Use By Racing Greyhounds

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The already-troubled racing greyhound industry is likely to face the worse with a bill banning anabolic steroid use by racing dogs.

Florida is one of just six states left in the United States that still allows active greyhound racing, but lawmakers may put an end to the race.

A new state bill that could stop the use of anabolic drugs is gaining speed these days to ensure the health and integrity of the racing greyhounds. A bill banning the use of anabolic steroids on racing greyhounds is about to make its way to the Florida House floor.

State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, the sponsor of the bill, remarked testosterone in Greyhound racing dogs can also serve as a performance enhancing drug. Smith added since greyhound racing is gambling and there is a certain word for that and it is called cheating and added this is why this bill has been brought forward so we can ban the use of harmful steroids and protect the integrity of the industry.

Jeff Kottkamp, former Lieutenant Governor who also represents the greyhound racing industry, remarked it is antithetical to think owners would harm a dog that must be in top racing condition. Kottkamp added frankly nobody cares about these animals than their owners.

Some animal activists are of the view that trainers are now taking extreme measures to prevent further loss, including using anabolic steroids on racing dogs. The use of steroids results in better performance and also helps keep female greyhounds from going into heat and not race. Female racing greyhounds are administered with testosterone twice a week in the form of a chewable tablet to keep them going into heat.

Carey Theil, the executive director of Grey2K, an organization working to protect greyhounds, has remarked greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane. Theil also commented that the use of anabolic steroids raises a major question about the integrity of the industry.

It is illegal to use steroids on racing dogs as per state regulators. However, the state does not check for the presence of these drugs when dogs are tested after a race.

Only 19 dog tracks remain in the United States and 12 of them are in Florida, including the Palm Beach County Kennel Club.

Fred Johnson, who works with the Florida Greyhound Association of Jacksonville, remarked a catastrophe would ensue without the ability to use steroids. Johnson said no one could stop if there is a fight with males trying to get over here to get to those females that you have 30 of them outside and 30 males.

Jack Cory, who represents the Florida Grey Hound association, said he does not see any point why anyone would want to stop dog owners from using the drug. Cory remarked birth control is birth control whether it is in a dog or a human being. And birth control methods have been used for a long time in this country—legally, honestly, and morally.

Animal rights activist Kate MacFall with the Humane Society of the United States on the other hand has remarked steroids are abusive to female greyhounds. MacFall said for the female dogs it gives them male parts over time.

Greyhound owners have long stopped using drugs in other countries to keep their female dogs from going into heat.

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Tuesday 05, Jan 2016

  UK Government Advisors Urge Online Steroid Imports To Be Banned

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The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), the expert group of UK drug advisors, is pressing for a ban on online imports of anabolic androgenic steroids amid concerns over their use by teenage boys and young men to improve body image.

ACMD said the ban is required as anabolic steroids that are sold online are often out of date, contaminated, or delivered with wrong dosage instructions. Professor Leslie Iversen, the chairman of ACMD, remarked anabolic steroids were now much too easily available. Iversen said you can see endless offers if you search online and added that the ACMD is the lone voice against this tide of promotion on the internet.

Iversen also added we think an import ban on steroids would have a considerable dampening effect on demand but did admit that it may be difficult to enforce such a ban but it would act as a simple deterrent. The chairman of ACMD also said there is no question that the number using the drug for sporting reasons is now a minority and the real growth has come in young users who want to improve their body image. Iversen concluded by saying anabolic steroids were becoming a “big phenomenon” in Britain.

Iversen also said misuse of steroids carries significant risks while the health-related harms associated with these substances are not as severe as with some other drugs, especially for young people whose bodies are still developing. The ACMD chair added more needs to be done to tackle the supply of anabolic steroids and to educate people to the potential dangers.

A recently concluded ACMD report to the home secretary on anabolic steroids quoted the latest figures from the British Crime Survey. It was estimated that anabolic steroids have been used by 50,000 people in the last year for non-medical purposes like bodybuilding. The British Crime Survey was told more than 220,000 had used anabolic steroids. According to drug experts, these are very much underestimates of the number of people who are using steroids as a majority of steroid users would not openly admit to using such performance enhancing drugs even in an anonymous self-report survey such as the British Crime Survey. According to the report, some syringe and needle exchange programs for problem drug users also reported a dramatic rise in steroid injectors.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) said steroids should remain a Class C illegal drug that can be purchased from a pharmacist. It is presently legal to possess or import anabolic steroids as long as they are for personal use only while it is illegal to import or sell steroids for non-medical purposes. The drug advisory body said it is time that steroids should be made illegal to order substances online from overseas websites and import them by post or courier. However, personal possession of steroids that would include bringing them into the country would stay legal as it is believed by authorities that problem would be pushed underground by criminalizing users.

The ACMD report revealed that only a small number of deaths have ever been attributed to liver damage associated with use of anabolic steroids for a long term. It was further added that most of the harmful effects of steroids are not life-threatening in nature. However, the report raised concerns about use of steroids by young people as the drugs can disrupt the normal pattern of physical growth and can stimulate masculinizing effects in women and children.

The drugs minister, James Brokenshire, said we will carefully review the recommendations set out in this report and respond shortly.

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Thursday 06, Feb 2014

  Dana White Supports TRT Ban

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Dana white supports trt ban

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has called therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy a form of “cheating.”

White has supported the proposal of the Association of Ringside Physicians to eliminate TUE in combat sports.

The Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP) recently issued an announcement that decried the practice of athletic commissions granting TUE for testosterone replacement therapy. It was remarked by ARP that the incidence of hypogonadism requiring the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in professional athletes is extraordinarily rare and the use of anabolic steroids such as testosterone in a professional boxer or mixed martial artist is rarely justified. ARP added that the use of any type of steroid, including unmerited testosterone, significantly increases the safety and health risk to combat sports athletes and their opponents. It also added that testosterone replacement therapy may give an unfair advantage to a combat sports athlete contradictory to the integrity of sport and the Association of Ringside Physicians consequently supports the general elimination of therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy.

White’s hard-line stance on TRT is believed to have come after Vitor Belfort’s request for a TRT exemption when he will meet 185-pound champion Chris Weidman this summer. White remarked Belfort drives him crazy and both of them were not on good terms a few months ago.

Velfort is one of the many fighters using testosterone replacement therapy. The UFC fighter has been widely criticized for using the treatment in spite of his tainted history with the abuse of performance enhancing drugs. The Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is #2 in official UFC middleweight rankings as of January 27, 2014.

Popularly known as “The Phenom“, Vitor Vieira Belfort failed a steroid test for testosterone at Pride 32: The Real Deal on October 21, 2006, before his Pride fight in Las Vegas where he lost to Dan Henderson. Belfort tested positive for 4-hydroxytestosterone, an illegal substance and claimed he bought an over the counter supplement containing the substance. He also explained that he may have received the substance as the result of rehabilitative injections administered to him by Brazilian endocrinologist Dr. Rodrigo M. Greco after a surgery for repairing a torn meniscus in his knee in the summer of 2006. Belfort was suspended for nine months from the date of hearing on December 21, 2006 after the Nevada State Athletic Commission said Belfort was still in violation of banned substances policy even if the practitioner did not inform him that the post surgical injections (containing testosterone) contained anabolic steroids. In Nevada, no fighter who has tested positive for anabolic steroids in the past has received a therapeutic use exemption.

Belfort, at the age of 19, became the youngest fighter to ever score a victory inside the octagon. Vítor participated in Japan’s PRIDE Fighting Championships and fought against the likes of Alistair Overeem, Bobby Southworth, Heath Herring, Gilbert Yvel, and Daijiro Matsui. On May 18, 2013, Belfort faced final Strikeforce Middleweight Champion and promotional newcomer at UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Rockhold and won the fight in the first round via knockout.

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Thursday 23, May 2013

  Beckhampton Trainer Joins Chorus To Ban Steroids Worldwide

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Beckhampton Trainer Joins Chorus To Ban Steroids Worldwide

Beckhampton trainer Roger Charlton has joined the chorus to ban the use of anabolic steroids worldwide. The trainer made the comments after Al Kazeem had won the bet365 Gordon Richards Stakes at Sandown Park.

Charlton trained Three Valleys when the colt was disqualified from the Middle Park Stakes in 2003 for failing a test for Clenbuterol, which is a drug used to clear up a lung infection and aid normal breathing. The trainer remarked he thinks there is a debate about steroids and all any of us want, whether it is people riding bicycles or horses, is a level playing field. He added that it is unfortunate that animals or humans are given steroids and went on to raise a question: would you want to buy a mare that had been on steroids, or use a stallion that had been on steroids or buy a yearling from another country that had been on steroids, and then replied himself none of us want that.

Charlton is targeting a trip to Ireland at the end of May and said he was a bit apprehensive because a lot of mine will come on for the run and he looked great and that was a good effort. Charlton added we know he gets a mile and half, but a mile and a quarter is a more commercial distance, as long as he can win good races over that distance, but he will have entries over a mile and a half as well, and in the immediate future, I think he will go to the Curragh for Tattersalls Gold Cup.

Al Kazeem has entries in races such as the Coronation Cup and Prince Of Wales’s Stakes this term; Kazeem was last seen when winning the Jockey Club Stakes at Newmarket 12 months ago but despite the layoff travelled well throughout the 10-furlong heat in the hands of James Doyle.

Doyle is expecting his mount to progress for the run and said since he’s come back he’s been galloping great at home and doing everything right and we expected this today, today is a stepping stone to bigger things and he couldn’t have done it any easier. Doyle also added that it was his first run for ages so he didn’t want to ask him to do too much too soon and when he got to the front he pricked his ears and lugged into the rail.

Barry Simpson, racing manager to owner Sir Robert Ogden, said the best three on form were first, second and third so you’d have to say that was a very good run and he thinks he might step up a couple of furlongs now.

In another development, Mahmood al-Zarooni has lodged an appeal over the eight-year Godolphin steroids ban he received from the British Horseracing Authority. The former Godolphin trainer was recently disqualified for a period of eight years after he admitted to administering anabolic steroids to 15 of his horses and has lodged an appeal with the British Horseracing Authority over the severity of his sentence.

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Saturday 21, Jan 2012

  Football players at increased risk of stroke

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Young individuals who are into football can be of higher risk in developing stroke, according to anew study which was published in the Journal of Child Neurology (JCN).

The new study involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from football players who had stroke during their teen years.

Obesity could also increase the health risk for up to two folds, according to the study findings.

Friday 20, Jan 2012

  Arimidex- Anastrozole

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If you want to use anabolic steroids but worry about estrogenic side effects, it is time that you access a clear and complete understanding about Arimidex, also known as Liquidex, A-dex, or Anastrozole. This non-steroidal drug is one of the best post cycle therapy drugs that can easily protect you from estrogenic side effects like oily skin, acne, fluid retention, or gynecomastia.

The chemical name of Arimidex is 1,3-Benzenediacetonitrile, a, a, a’, a’-tetramethyl-5-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl) and its molecular formula is C17H19N5; the active life of this drug is 42-48 hours. Arimidex is prescribed, medically, to post menopausal women with breast cancer when standard therapies such as Tamoxifen have failed to deliver results. The aromatase inhibitor, Arimidex, also has the unique ability of reducing the concentrations of blood estradiol to minimize the size and growth of cancerous tumors. It is also prescribed as part of testosterone replacement therapy to hypogonadal men afflicted with low testosterone levels.

When taken in an oral form, A-dex enters the liver where as much as 90 percent of it is broken down into inactive metabolites. One of the biggest advantages with Arimidex is that it is not excreted in the urine, which suggests that it can even be used by those with kidney impairment. Arimidex is an extremely popular antiestrogen among sportsmen and others who make use of anabolic steroids (harsh or aromatizable). It is also effective in restoring (and even promoting increases) the levels of testosterone after the same have been reduced to a considerable extent during a steroid cycle involving harsh or aromatizable steroids. The best thing about Arimidex is that it demonstrates dramatic results even at a low dose of 1 mg. It is worthwhile to note here that the ideal dose of Arimidex is 0.5 mg for the first day and thereafter the dose can be increased to 1 mg per day.

It is also important to note here that Arimidex is one of the very few antiestrogens that could be an integral of any steroid cycle, bulking or cutting, and allows steroid users to reap and even optimize the benefits of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs without leading to a drop in testosterone levels or putting users in risk of estrogenic side effects. Belonging to the Class III generation selective oral aromatase inhibitors, Arimidex is not recommended for use by premenopausal females, breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Arimidex should also not be used by those with prostate or breast cancer or allergic to Arimidex or any of its active and/or inactive ingredients. The use of Arimidex should always be made after the recommended of a qualified medical practitioner and dosages must be strictly regulated and followed as per the medical advice. Under no circumstances, Arimidex should be abused or over-doses as it can lead to side effects such as dizziness. Individuals using any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement should seek medical advice before using Arimidex as the drug may interfere with functioning of these products, leading to side effects. Since the use of Arimidex leads to dizziness, its use is not recommended for those who perform on heavy machines, vehicles, or performing or about to perform an intense activity.In order to maintain its effectiveness and shelf life, Arimidex is required to be stored at a controlled room temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F) and must be protected against moisture, heat, direct light, and unauthorized use.

Wednesday 07, Dec 2011

  Berza sentenced for steroid distribution

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Jordan Berza, a top leader of the illegal steroid ring that operated in Southwest Louisiana, will be spending the next two years in federal prison for his illegal involvement in steroids.

Defense attorney Todd Clemons said, “I think it’s unfortunate he’s going to miss the birth of his first child and his mother is really, really ill and is in hospice care now.”

Clemons added, “I think he’s a true American success story. He got a scholarship to McNeese, a football scholarship, he has an engineering degree, He’s only 26 years old. He owns two stores that are very, very profitable, doing very, very well. So, he’s going to land on his feet.”

Monday 29, Nov 2010

  Twenty one horses died triggering speculations of anabolic steroids

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Twenty one horses died triggering speculations of anabolic steroidsTwenty-one horses from a Venezuelan team competing at the US Open Polo Championship died after they all collapsed before a match in Florida.

Lechuza Caracas team veterinarian James Belden said it was unlikely that the horses had died due to a tainted medication or given anabolic steroids since they are banned in England where the team competes.

It is believed that the death of all horses could be possibly triggered by use of anabolic steroids.

Saturday 17, Jul 2010

  More and more women turning to gym to stay muscle-bound

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More and more women turning to gym to stay muscle-boundEven though bodybuilding for women is not a big sport in Australia, more and more women are joining the league of professional bodybuilding and the numbers of supporters are on an increasingly high.

Physical appearance may not be everything but they count a lot in body building. This is the reason why more and more are turning to the gym and even making use of anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs to stay ahead of the rest.

It is worth noting here that use of anabolic steroids, under medical guidance, can be the thin line of difference between success and failure.

Friday 05, Feb 2010

  Anabolic steroids can lead to antisocial attitude

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Anabolic steroids can lead to antisocial attitudeSteroids have been considered to be nothing less than miracle drugs but a recent study by Swedish researchers has suggested that they can encourage antisocial attitude.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs related to male sex hormones that are used by people of all ages, especially sportsmen and bodybuilders, for staying ahead of the competition besides staying young and promoting body strength, protein synthesis, and endurance.

The researchers noted that non-prescription use of steroids or steroid abuse may lead to anti-social behavior and development of tendencies like signs of maniac or hypomania episodes, development of suicidal tendencies, increased level of aggression, and psychotic episodes.

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