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Sunday 05, Oct 2008

  Tony Mandarich used Steroids – NFL

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tony-mandarich-steroidsTony Mandarich has admitted using anabolic steroids during his playing days in college.  It’s obivous that all NFL players use steroids, so why is this a surprise to so many people?  Mandarich used anabolic steroids and cheated steroid tests after the 1988 Rose Bowl.  Then again, which NFL players are NOT using steroids, can you name one? we can’t.

Tony Mandarich is just trying to pump up the mainstream crowd for his new book scheduled to release in March 2009, in which he details his steroid use in the NFL and his career.  Obviously he doesn’t have football, so he’s going to make money talking about steroids.

State News: Former MSU football player Tony Mandarich has admitted to using steroids and cheating on a steroid test administered in conjunction with the 1988 Rose Bowl, which the Spartans won.

Mandarich was an offensive lineman for MSU in the late 1980s and was selected by the Green Bay Packers with the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft in 1989. Mandarich, dubbed “The Incredible Bulk” by Sports Illustrated prior to the draft, was a bust in the NFL during his three seasons with the Packers.

Mandarich tells of his steroid use and the Rose Bowl steroid test during an interview on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” that will air Wednesday at 9 p.m. Mandarich has a book scheduled to be released in March 2009 that is expected to detail his steroid use.

Saturday 20, Sep 2008

  “Steroids Saved My Life” getting massive hits online

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A controversial Internet documentary on steroid use is receiving great online viewership, generating both favorable and negative feedbacks from Netizens. Currently broadcasting its 7th episode, Steroids Saved My Life stars recent film graduate Peter Brown, an ectomorph, whose goal is to enhance his physical appearance with the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids.

The 12-part Internet series, which debuted August, involve director/producer Nenad Barjaktarovic, cinematographer/editor Shane Smith, and advertising/publicity supervisor Youssef El-Khoury, and the guinea pig himself Peter.

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Peter puts himself in front of the camera, recording his transformation from a lanky guy to a macho and aggressive dude. Peter is 6’1″ and has a starting weight of 138 lbs. His goal weight is 180 lbs and he currently weighs in at 158 lbs. A weight increase of 20 lbs in seven weeks? Not bad.

According to their official site, the team is practicing caution while doing their ‘experimental’ film.

“With any supplement or drug there are always positive and negative attributes. I am being closely monitored by my family doctor to make sure I am in good health,” Peter says. “Our main goal is to get me healthy and fit, to develop proper eating and exercise routines with long-term benefits.”

The cast and crew are happy with the outcome of the series so far.

“We have found that whether people agree or disagree with steroid use they are still watching the show, still interested to see where the story goes and that’s what is important,” Peter says.

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Steroids Saved My Life -  YouTube Channel

Steroids Saved My Life – Official Website

Wednesday 27, Feb 2008

  Steroid Abuse in police force

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Someone please explain why police officers aren’t being allowed to use anabolic steroids? isn’t it the duty of the police officer to be stronger, faster and smarter then the criminal; thereby, protecting the public.  A health police officer who works out and eats right, and takes steroids is going to be 1000% more effective then some donut eating slob.  Personally, I know a police officer who puts his life on the line daily fighting big guys to protect the public, and after his 12 hour shift he goes to the gym to stay in shape.  If it wasn’t for human growth hormone or anabolic steroids, he would not be able to recover from his injuries and would not be effective at protecting the public.  Whey are we so anti-steroids when the police force is protecting our lives?   Police should be treated with respect and certain amount of leeway because they put their head out on the line DAILY for each and every citizen.

On top of that, why is this being called steroid abuse? it’s steroid USE not ABUSE! big difference.

 A number of Jersey City police officers have been placed on administrative duties and some have had their guns taken away as a consequence of the internal affairs investigation into alleged steroids abuse among officers, officials revealed yesterday.

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