NFL-steroidsAccording to news reports, New Orleans Saints’ Deuce McAllister and Will Smith were among the several players who violated NFL’s steroid policy and related substances.

Fox 31 television in Denver reported that there are between six to 10 players who have tested positive for Bumetanide, a diuretic., meanwhile, reported the number is more than 10 and may even exceed 15.

The sport league has not offered any comment on the reports so far, but attorney David Cornwell, who is reportedly handling some of the athletes’ appeal cases, has stated his disapproval about the reports, particularly the naming of the two athletes.

“These men are entitled to confidentiality and entitled to go through an appeal process, so the (Fox 31) report … is completely unfair,” Cornwell said. “The cornerstone of any workplace testing program, especially one in professional sports with high-profile people, is confidentiality.

“The recent reports about pending appeals by players who are alleged to have used weight loss supplements reflect the most egregious violation of the NFL steroid policy. The foundation of the policy is both a player’s right to appeal and an absolute right to confidentiality. By leaking this story, the ‘source’ is clearly attempting to put their thumb on the scale of justice and harm these men.”

Cornwell refused to name any of his clients or divulge the exact number of the athletes involved.

Just last month, another Saints player Jamar Nesbit was also suspended for violating NFL’s policy on anabolic steroids and related substances. Nesbit was barred from playing for four games, and he has rejoined his team’s active roster Monday, October 20.

Bumetanide is a diuretic and this type of compound works by facilitating weight loss through its promotion of water loss via urine excretion. Diuretics are often used as masking agents because they have the ability to dilute urine by increasing renal flow, making it difficult to for laboratories to detect anabolic steroids and other banned compounds. For this reason, diuretics have been included in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s 2007 prohibited list.