BJ_penn_sean_sherk ufc 84BJ Penn proved himself against Sean Sherk at UFC 84. Let’s looks at BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk UFC 84 play by play.

BJ Penn Vs. Sean Sherk

Round 1:
Sean Sherk came out in the opening seconds with a single-leg takedown, but was stuffed by BJ Penn. Sean Sherk connects with a a strong left hand which rocks BJ Penn. Sherk and Penn keep trading short jabs in the middle of the ring. Then BJ Penn rocks Sherk with a 1 / 2 combo, but Sean recovers fast. Sean Sherks eye is opened up from the trades, he’s bleeding. The rest of the round BJ Pen keeps throwing jabs.

Round 1 score: 10-9 (BJ Penn)

Round 2:
Sherk comes on strong with a low kick and both fighters start the punching exchange again. BJ Penn lands a strong uppercut, but Sean Sherk is standing and trading with Penn with fast short punches. Sherk seems very damaged from the jabs Penn keeps throwing, he seems worn out. Sean Sherk attempts a single-leg takedown and is stuff by BJ Penn, then BJ lands a left hook.

Round 2 score: 10-9 (BJ Penn)

Round 3:
Again, both fighters come out and trade jabs in the middle of the ring. However, Sherk is bleeding hard and cannot answer BJ Penns’ non stop jab and straight attacks. BJ Penn throws a few punches, then explodes into a flying knee that rocks Sean Sherk against the cage. BJ Penn jumps on him and hits him with non stop punches until the round ends.

Round 3 score: 10-8 (BJ Penn)

The fight was stopped after the 3rd round:
BJ Penn Wins by Technical Knock Out at 5:00 in the 3rd round

iSteroids Thoughts on the fight:
It seems Sean Sherk had no gameplan! what was he thinking? let’s face it, he was NEVER a great striker and BJ Penn is known for being a good striker. So, why stand up with someone who’s a better striker? why not use your wrestling to keep taking down BJ Penn and keep him down. Sean Sherk had the worst gameplan we’ve ever seen. He should have taken down BJ Penn over and over and kept him on the ground with lay and pray, blanket him for 4-5 rounds to a decision. Plus, Sherk looked slow and weak, very poorly handled fight.

Wanderlei_Silva_Keith_Jardine Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine

Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine play by play:

Round 1:
Jardine comes out with a kick and Wanderlei counters with a right hand which hurts Jardine hard. Silva’s blood instinct kicks in and he jumps on a fallen Keith Jardine and ground and pounds him with non stop right hands. Jardine is knocked out completely blank. He is not moving at all at 0:36 (36 seconds) into the 1st round. For 4 minutes past the knock out, Jardine was completely out, that’s right he was out for over 4 minutes!

Wanderlei Silva Wins by Knock Out at 0:36 in the 1st round

iSteroids Thoughts on the fight:
Wanderlei Silva is back and his killer instinct is back. Wanderlei Silva needs to do what he does best, knock people out! He proved himself well against Jardine, and Jardine beat Chuck Liddell.

wanderlei Silva Keith Jardine