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Monday 10, Aug 2009

  Anabolic steroids may help improve AIDS patients’ quality of life

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Anabolic steroids may help improve AIDS patients’ quality of lifeAnabolic steroids have been in the limelight recently due to its misuse by professional athletes. They are substances similar to the male hormone, testosterone that promotes growth of lean muscles and is primarily responsible for the development of male secondary sexual characteristics.

Contrary to its negative connotation, anabolic steroids are also beneficial in the medical field. Anabolic steroids are legitimate treatments for low testosterone levels and certain types of anemia.

Recent studies showed that anabolic steroids were also beneficial to AIDS and HIV infected patients. They were found to prevent muscle wasting and even help with weight gains.

AIDS usually leads to significant weight loss, severe muscle weakness, organ failure and a shortened lifespan. The wasting is due to low production of testosterone, which makes the body lose its ability to grow muscle.

Anabolic steroids were administered either orally or through injection among AIDS patients. Side effects experienced by the patients were abnormal liver function tests; acne; mild hirsutism; breast tenderness; increased libido and aggressiveness; and mood swings.

However, due to the short duration of the clinical study, they were unable to assess the effects of long – term steroids use. Furthermore, they also need to conduct additional studies to prove that it leads to an increased survival rate among AIDS and HIV infected patients

Monday 27, Jul 2009

  Drugs like estrogen can prove effective for postmenopausal women

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Drugs like estrogen can prove effective for postmenopausal womenAccording to a recent study, women may experience a gain of weight of about 10-15 pounds in the years surrounding menopause. The findings of this study put to rest all doubts that arose before about whether weight gain is a side-effect of menopause.

It was revealed that ER_ receptor is the primary mediator behind the attenuating effects of estrogen on weight gain. It was also concluded that E2 and the ER_ selective drug minimize weight gain in rats without minimizing the intake of food.

Researchers at the Georgetown University consider that ER_-selective drugs can prove effective therapeutically for minimizing postmenopausal weight gain in women.