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Friday 13, Nov 2009

  San Antonio bodybuilders take a stand against steroids

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San Antonio bodybuilders take a stand against steroidsA cycle of steroid might give you a body like you have been working out for five years. However, for Leah Raynes, 47, and Miles Stovall, 46, two San Antonio bodybuilders, natural is still the way to go.

Raynes works as a surgical technician and a single mom of four. She joined several bodybuilding competitions since 2006. She finished second in the lightweight division in 2006, sixth place in 2007 and third place last year. This year, she will be among the 13 women who will be competing for the 2009 World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) world championships.

Stovall, on the other hand, is a two-time heavyweight champion. He is also a two-time American champion, an international champion and a former Mr. Universe. After the 2005 competition, Stovall is back to compete for the 2009 WNBF championships.

Both San Antonio bodybuilders take a stand against steroid use. Gaining results through natural methods has more pride in it rather than doing a shortcut through steroids.

Besides, according to Raynes, the WNBF is so strict with their rules. Participants need to undergo a polygraph test, and they are very specific when it comes to questions about banned substances.

Constant drug testing is also implemented every year. It lists anabolic steroids, testosterone and growth hormones as among those in their list of banned substances.



Monday 12, Oct 2009

  WNBF champion reveals her secret to staying fit

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WNBF champion reveals her secret to staying fitOther bodybuilders have turned to steroids to make their muscles bulge. However, for Tennille Ray, maintaining her sculpted arms, 12-pack abs and muscled legs is a full-time job.

Ray is a professional figure bodybuilder. She won her first title as Miss Universe in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) competition held at Barbados earlier this year.

Although she is a bodybuilder, Ray is still expected to remain curvy and feminine. Ray has been a personal trainer since 2001 in New York. However, she did not ever consider a career in bodybuilding until a friend suggested it to her in a gym.

According to Charlie Carollo, vice president of the WNBF, Ray is very disciplined and very fortunate to have God-given genetics.

Asked how she got into really good shape, Ray only gives out five proven ways. First is portion control when it comes to food; do not fear weights; always maintain discipline, the best way to get into shape is by doing basic exercises and never forget to drink water.

Ray has never mentioned resorting to steroids as a way to get into shape. The WNBF bans controlled substances and drug tests, and gives polygraph tests before each show to combat drug use.

According to Associated Press:

Ray is often asked by strangers on the street how she got so fit.

“You don’t have to go as extreme as me to be fit,” she said. “You still feel good and successful just working toward your own goals.”

Tuesday 28, Oct 2008

  Lie detector tests to catch dopers

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lie-detector-steroidsNatural bodybuilding organizations like the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and the Natural Physique Association boast that their form of bodybuilding is better than any bodybuilding type because it is drug free, and therefore promotes healthier lifestyle.

And their way of ensuring their competitors are all natural and not some chemically-enhanced athletes? Polygraph testing.

Yup, natural bodybuilders are sometimes subjected to the same procedure some felons may undergo – the lie detector test. Take a look at the case of the natural bodybuilders joining the Natural Crystal Cup bodybuilding contest in Alaska as reported by the Anchorage News.
Competitors shuffled in a small conference room in a Midtown motel and one by one they sat and got wired up for the testing.

A sheriff’s deputy read out the series of questions, including their use of prohibited compounds. This was the first time in the state that an entire field of competitors was tested prior to a show.

In many natural bodybuilding contests, the polygraph is the ultimate judge whether an athlete is qualified to compete.

Natural bodybuilding federations have adopted polygraph testing as one of their means of catching users of illicit substances like anabolic steroids. Prohormones and diuretics are also included in their list of prohibited drugs. They also test through urine samples, but the lie detector test is the preferred method since it is a lot cheaper and gives immediate results. As far as accuracy is concerned, Northwest Polygraph Services, Inc., the firm hired to conduct the test in Alaska, said it is 98% accurate.

If an athlete tested for any of this prohibited compounds, he or she is banned from future competitions.