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Saturday 09, Jul 2011

  Benoit passed drug test in April, says WWE

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Benoit passed drug test in April, says WWEThe head of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. has said that professional wrestling star Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and son before taking his own life earlier this week, passed a random drug test in April.

“The last test that Chris Benoit took of a random nature was in April which he was totally negative,” WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said on NBC’s “Today” morning program. “That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t taking prescription medication and perhaps even steroids when this happened. We don’t know.”

Investigators found anabolic steroids among prescription drugs in Benoit’s suburban Atlanta house where the three bodies were found.

Wednesday 17, Nov 2010

  UFC Heavyweight contender linked with steroids

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UFC Heavyweight contender linked with steroidsA US prosecutor has named Shane Carwin, the UFC Heavyweight contender, as one of the twenty two athletes receiving steroids from a drug ring in Alabama.

The contender recently faced the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, in first round of the championship battle and lost after appearing to win.

This incidence has once again given birth to speculations that WWE and UFC fighters take steroids to stay on a high.

Wednesday 13, Oct 2010

  Shane Carwin associated with steroids by DEA

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Shane Carwin associated with steroids by DEAUFC Heavyweight contender Shane Carwin has been named by a US prosecutor as 1 of the 22 athletes who received steroids from a drug ring in Alabama.

Carwin recently faced Brock Lesnar, the UFC Heavyweight Champion, in the first round of their championship fight. Though Carwin was all set to win the game, Lesnar won with a triangle choke.

The incident has once again brought speculations about WWE fighters taking steroids and UFC fighters joining them to a high.

Tuesday 14, Sep 2010

  WWE is all about steroids, says Cornette

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WWE is all about steroids, says CornetteJim Cornette, veteran commentator, promoter and booker for TNA, aired his sentiments over the condition of wrestling by saying that wrestlers are forced into drugs. This remark has come as a serious blow to reports in the past that Vince McMahon did not support the use of steroids.

Cornette also remarked that Vince McMahon is promoting larger-than-life stars in WWE and the wrestlers are supporting his ideology by using steroids to keep a high-profile job in the wrestling business.

Cornette further remarked that there seems to be no coming back for the good for wrestlers particularly when they have shorter life-spans in the business and in life.

Thursday 22, Oct 2009

  Mr. Kennedy blogs about WWE release

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Mr. Kennedy blogs about WWE releaseKen Anderson, popularly known as Mr. Kennedy in the WWE, still continues to blog about his release in WWE due to his violation of the wellness policy.

He was best known in WWE for his skills on the microphone and he still does it, only this time in his blog entries. One of his entries was about a guide to nutritious eating. He preaches a diet consisting of hard-boiled eggs, beef jerky, water and “supplements”.

Most of the topic discussed in his blog has something to do with his departure in WWE and the referral to certain “supplements” was not an exception. This is in fact a reference to his defense regarding his suspension for violation of the policy. According to the grappler, he had his doctor to blame for giving him stuff he does not know.

Last week, his written entry was accompanied by a video, where he blamed himself for having been released from WWE. He cited his frequent controversial appearances in the media, where one time, he admitted taking steroids before joining WWE, but insisted that he stopped taking them afterwards.

Shortly after this appearance, he was suspended from WWE for a wellness policy violation.

Friday 18, Sep 2009

  Batista’s tendon injury linked to steroids use

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Batista’s tendon injury linked to steroids useAccording to Dave Meltzer, Batista’s recent tendon injury was related to steroids use. He said Batista’s case was a combination of age, physique and several muscle / tendon imbalances. The imbalance between muscle and tendon were linked to steroids use where muscles usually grow big in size that the tendon could not keep up with the increasing load.

Meltzer wrote that biceps tear commonly occurs in steroid-related injuries because the muscle is too small to be overloaded, which is what is commonly happening in weightlifters who train heavy.

People were skeptical about his look when he returned. He was just too big for his age, which is nearing 40s.

Two previous instances of tendon injury were reported in Irv Muchnick’s blog. The first was on March 1, 2003, where Batista had his triceps torn in a live match held in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Then a few weeks later, the tendon was torn again during a rehab. He encountered a freak accident while jogging with his wife. He had to take a rest until October of that year.

Muchnick is the author of the book Wrestling Babylon: Piledriving Tales of Drugs, Sex, Death, and Scandal. His blog about Batista was entitled Batista: Master of the Torn Triceps… And Bicep.

Tuesday 15, Sep 2009

  WWE wrestler arrested for steroid possession

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WWE wrestler arrested for steroid possessionDuring a search warrant conducted by the Moore County Sheriff’s office in Cameron, North Carolina, 555 ml of anabolic steroids, residual amounts of cocaine, 180 Soma pills, 262 Vicodin pills and other drug paraphernalia were discovered in the home of WWE wrestler, Jeff Hardy.

His brother and former tag team partner, Matt Hardy posted a $125,000 bail.

The estimated street value of the drugs confiscated was approximated at $2,500. The Fayetteville Police Department, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Select Enforcement Unit and officers from the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit conducted a joint investigation after Hardy was suspected of drug possession.

Hardy is now facing multiple charges. Among those included were felony charges due to opium trafficking, two counts of felony possession with intent to sell or deliver a Schedule III controlled substance, felony possession of cocaine, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hardy made a written statement regarding his arrest. It was posted in his Twitter account. He claimed that he was home and that reports were exaggerated. He thanked the public, in general, for their concern. He also said that the public should not believe everything that was reported because it is not true.

Sunday 06, Sep 2009

  TNA encouraged to have a wellness policy

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TNA encouraged to have a wellness policyTotal Non-stop Action Wrestling, the second largest wrestling promotion, behind WWE is noted not to have a wellness policy.

TNA must seriously consider establishing a wellness policy as media would normally turn to WWE every time a wrestler gets busted for steroids or drug use.

There are number of reasons why TNA should have a wellness policy. It includes getting the message across that steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are not tolerated in professional wrestling.

TNA gives the impression of offering an open door for anyone using steroids, PEDs and painkillers.

Ex-WWE wrestlers involved in steroids issue usually enter TNA after being released from WWE. This creates a very negative impression on TNA.

Having a wellness policy improves TNA’s credibility, as more viewers become attracted to the company. Many wrestlers also prefer to work in a company with a clean and honest reputation to avoid their reputation from being tarnished in return.

A wellness policy is also one means to control future “accidents” or deaths in the future. Several wrestlers have wasted their life over drugs, stars such as the late Andrew “Test” Martin or Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning.

Finally, media would less likely criticize pro wrestling if wrestlers come out clean. Nobody wants pro wrestling destroyed just because of controversies such as wrestlers getting caught from using steroids.

Tuesday 01, Sep 2009

  WWE Intercontinental champ suspended for violation of wellness policy

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WWE Intercontinental champ suspended for violation of wellness policyIt has been confirmed that current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio will be suspended for thirty days due to a violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy.

Details of the suspension such as the starting date and the specific violation were not known.

Speculations that Mysterio was suspended due to steroid use have been rapidly arising. He was previously caught with steroids a few years back. However, abuse of pain killers were not recorded previously.

It is possible that he would be forced to transfer his Intercontinental Champion title to Dolph Ziggler.

With this move, WWE proved to the public that they do not favor any of their players, even the current champ himself. People may think that Mysterio could just walk away with the Wellness Policy violation.

The champ would be back in time for the Survivor Series but will miss the Mysterio / Ziggler 3 at Breaking Point. WWE officials will have to postpone the fight because of the suspension.

Any abuse, may it be of steroid or painkiller is never a good thing, especially for athletes like Rey Mysterio. He does not even need to use steroids or any performance-enhancing drug given the fact that he already achieved the current WWE intercontinental title.

According to Bleacher Report:

It is 100 percent true that Rey Mysterio, the WWE’s current Intercontinental Champion is going to be suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy.

Wednesday 01, Apr 2009

  John Cena says, steroid smacker Alex Rodriguez should be in jail

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John Cena says, steroid smacker Alex Rodriguez should be in jailIn a much controversial statement, WWE wrestler John Cena said that Alex Rodriguez should be in jail because of his steroid usage. The daring star who is currently starring in the movie “12 Rounds,” commented that “Steroids are the personal choice of an athlete.” But it seems that Mr. Cena has forgotten about himself.

When asked from Alex Rodriguez about his reaction to Cena’s comment, he got defensive and said that he used it (steroids) because he felt he needed to. He further told that “If there was a set of legal stipulations set in place, he may never have even considered it.” Rodriguez also said that the government should take initiative and if you get caught using drugs then you should go to jail. A criminal record will not only hurt one’s endorsements and long-term contracts but also taint one’s reputation.

Alex Rodriguez’s confession of steroid use is showing negative imapcts on his popularity too. In a poll recently conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, the star player has lost his top position as the most popular baseball player of New York Yankees. He came in a second position with 9%, down from the earlier 15% votes.

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