Teenager’s Public Service Announcement on Steroid Won First PlaceIn Blissfield Michigan, Travis Babbitt was awarded first place for his public service announcement about steroids and sports. The audio and video production that he presented in Lenawee Intermediate School District Tech Center was entered in a completion through the help of Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation. The media production was a result of the 30-to 60-second commercial assignment given to students.

He did a 30-second video containing some footage of his classmates lifting weights. He also included the facts on how steroids can affect people who use them.

Travis Babbitt said that he, himself is involved in sports. He is the defensive lineman for the football team of the Blissfield High School. He also added that his inspiration came from the on going issue in Major League Baseball.

According, Melissa Conklin, Travis’ teacher on audio and video production, that she really insisted every student to join the contest. She also added that the competition will give students, especially if they win, the opportunity to talk with professional broadcasters when they win and attend the award conference.

Travis Babbitt said that he was excited upon knowing that he won the competition. He added that he had pulled out his phone and started sending text messages to his parents and friends. Babbitt will come back and pursue his independent study next year.