This article says nothing about read steroids and steroid use
BUT they put it in the news

somehow, anything about steroids and anything NEGATIVE about steroids
or HGH will make it’s way on the internet somehow


An anabolic steroids, the male sex hormone promotes tissue growth. Doctors prescribe it when the body fails to make it. No large-scale research shows whether it can combat age-related changes. Excess amounts can cause sterility, spur prostate cancer and worsen sleep apnea.

Hormone pills, sprays

Some sellers offer HGH as a pill or an oral or nasal spray instead of as an injection. Less is known about the possible benefits compared with injectable HGH.

Natural supplements

Some sellers promote nonprescription protein supplements, amino acids and other substances they contend will spark the body to produce more hormones. No one regulates these, and there’s little data whether they work or are harmful.

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