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Ok. I choose to post this information here, in my own blog, instead of on any one particular message board. The reason for this is simple; by posting it here, I can avoid claims of bias, and such…I can also avoid being censored, and bring everyone the truth, as it was told to me. I’m not making any money off of this, and I don’t profit in any way from any endorsement of any particular brands or pharmacies…in other words, my income is solely from writing , book sales, and (now) from my supplement line. I have a pretty wide readership in my blog, equivalent to most discussion boards with around 4-5k registered members (if search engines and such statistics are to be believed).

I also choose to put this information here because if I were to post it on any board on the internet, claims of bias on the part of the board owner(s), mods, etc…would run rampant. And honestly, so would claims from people who heard something from their bro, who heard something from a respected bro, who heard….ad nauseam.


As many people know, British Dragon is the oldest and most respected name in anabolic producers to date. They initially opened up many years ago, founded by two guys who I’ll call “J” and “R”…because their names aren’t important for my purposes here.

As J told me, he didn’t get into the buisness of anabolics to earn a nobel prize, but rather to earn money. I doubt my efforts in writing will eventually earn me the former, and this current effort will not earn me the latter…but I digress…

What eventually happened, after the formation of British Dragon was unprecidented success in the field. A money making endevor turned into the most widely recognized, respected (and counterfeited) name in the field of anabolics. I can’t comment on the legality (*at the time) of their activities, as I don’t know the laws of the countries they operated in.

Fast forward several years to 2006.

At some point in the beginning of this year, a push to legitimize the company was started from within. Things get hazy from here, but I was kept in the loop by several parties, all within BD itself. At this point, one of the founders related to me his desire to quit the buisness and sell off his interest in the company. Understandable, I told him.

During the push to legitimize the company, a third partner was brought on. We’ll call him “A”…which should make it obvious to most people who he is. He operates a legitimate buisness (a pharmacy) in his country, and was/is a BD remailer.

The three partners all put up money and plans to buy a factory for the production of high-quality anabolics was purchased. This point, and all of the previous points are agreed upon by all parties involved. No issues yet.

Now, apparently, A (alone) had to keep investing in the company, driving up his initial investment, and appreciating the value of the company’s assets (more machines, raw materials, etc…). A also was given power of attourney and registered the BD logo and such, and gained trademark/copyright for everything involved. There is a dispute on how long power of attourney was to last, ranging from one side saying 3 months, to the other saying 3 years. The factory was built (I have ownership papers in my posession and have provided them on request to several people already) and a licence granting status as a leitimate pharmaceutical company was granted. All of this was under A’s supervision and control, where he was located. The BD website remained under control of the two founders.

Now, on or about October 19th, I received an internal memo from within BD stating that a remailer, G****L (I’m censoring their name because I don’t need them getting any free publicity from me…I consider them a bunch of douchebags)…started a rumour that A was selling BD counterfeits. Now, logically, how can the person who is running the factory where BD is produced be accused of making counterfeits? It doesn’t make much sense to me. It would appear that recently, G****L attempted to start that same rumour again. Again, it is false.

BD products were, until recently, being produced by A, while all packing/packaging was supplied by the original owners (this way, they had an idea of inventory…if they shipped out X amount of bottles and labels per month, then they knew that much product was being produced per month).

Then, as often happens, things went south…internal disputes regarding money and contract terms arose, etc…I can’t comment on internal issues like this, other than it is my understanding that nobody is 100% happy with how things turned out (the sign of a true buisness deal: nobody leaves the negotiating table happy). I’m told that the initial investment by the two founders leaves them with a percentage o the company now, although less %-wise than they started out with. They also own the website as well. The factory and rights to the name and BD logo remain with A, who was (during at least one point) the majority shareholder of the (now) legitimatized company. A also continues to own and operate the facilities for production of pharmaceuticals, of human-grade quality and licencing. This is what I know up until now. Anyone who is still selling BD is getting rid of their final stock.

At least one of the founders is retired and totally done with things. I haven’t spoken to the other. From what I know of the one I spoke/speak to, he still will probably not earn that nobel prize, but I trust is alright financially. Again, he’s retired from the field. The other founder, I am uncertain about. The third, and most recent partner still holds paperwork and properties, as previously stated.

British Dragon, however, will most likely not be produced….for at least awhile. I’m of the opinion that all parties are (or have) already washed their hands of the incident, and have moved on to better things. Several sources on the internet are waging some sort of sad turf war in the aftermath, but in reality, all of their claims are very silly. I’ve read the allegations of threats, scams, counterfeits and all the rest, and think them to be utter bullshit. None of the people arguing in the wake of this incident, who were not involved in the ownership of BD, really have a leg to stand on with regards to their claims. The three people involved with this buisness deal (gone sour) are the only ones who this should really concern.

As I understand it, none of the three people with share(s) in the company will continue to produce the BD brand of products any longer. Remaining stock of products will be sold by remailers…but it’s uncertain whether anymore will ever be produced. Of course, the three people involved can sort all of it out amongst themselves or sell the company or whatever…but that is speculative at best.

Again, claims by various sources on the internet, who are simply remailers and such, should be dismissed out of hand as bullshit. I’m suspecting that counterfeits will flood the market after awhile, and people who will claim to have suspiciously large amounts “remaining” from before the company will spring up.

I’m hoping that this puts to rest the conjecture and speculation currently rampant on the internet, and sheds some light on this regretable situation. I wish the best for the people involved, and moreso that this only could have gone better for all involved. Knowing the caliber of people involved, I’m sure all of them will bounce back from it all.

It’s also highly regretable that so many people sought to capitolize on the situation and attack others…I can only hope that those people, their venomous e-mails, posts, and outright lies are ignored, and that both the people who founded the most well loved of all pharmaceutical brands, as well as their most recent partner, continue to prosper in whatever areas they pursue. I know they will.