The importance of creatineCreatine’s primary action is to draw water into your muscle bellies. It gives you more leverage when lifting, therefore you are able to lift more weight. Since you retain more water in the body, it gives you a light “bloat” to make you feel bigger.

Most people who use anabolic steroids (AAS) believe that creatine is not needed since a wide variety of steroids also provide you with a water bloat. However, not all steroids provide a bloat. Anavar for one, promotes no water retention. Those who use Anavar should certainly use creatine if their main goal is muscle gain. However, if they wish to avoid the bloat, then Anavar alone is already adequate. Creatine is very useful for bodybuilders in building muscle size and strength. However, there is an argument as to which produces better and significant results. There are two instances where creatine can be used, when on a cycle or during post-cycle therapy. You would definitely build muscle faster if you use creatine together with your AAS supplement than during off cycle.

Creatine is so popular because natural bodybuilders are also encouraged to use it. It will definitely add ten to fifteen pounds of water weight in your muscles. However, the gains are temporary as the water weight will disappear as soon as the product is discontinued.