Roman Kreuziger has been sidelined by Tinkoff-Saxo team because of doping allegations. It was further disclosed that Kreuziger will not support Alberto Contador in the Tour de France.

According to a statement published on website of the team, the Union Cycliste Internationale is likely due to instigate disciplinary proceedings against Kreuziger arising from an alleged violation of its anti-doping rules due to abnormalities detected in his biological passport in 2011 and 2012.

In a press release, Roman Kreuziger denied taking any forbidden substances or using any forbidden methods and said that an independent inquiry concluded that his passport values were due to causes that were not due to the use of doping substances or methods. The Czech professional road bicycle racer for UCI ProTour team Team Tinkoff-Saxo remarked he asked the UCI for an extension, past the end of June 30 this month but was not allowed.

Tinkoff-Saxo team said in a statement the team has decided, in agreement with Roman, that he will not ride in any races including this year’s Tour de France until more information becomes available to the team and added though he won’t be racing for now, until more information becomes available to the team it will not provisionally suspend Roman unless required by the UCI or the Czech Federation.

It was alleged by the UCI’s Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CAFD) that the blood passport profile of Kreuziger revealed abnormalities from March to August 2011 and from April 2012 until the end of that year’s Giro d’Italia when Kreuziger rode for Astana. In June 2013, Kreuziger was notified by the UCI that CAFD considered his data as suspect and he thereafter informed his team. The team’s press release said Kreuziger was adamant that he never used doping methods or substances and added the team through its own medical staff and independent verification was satisfied that Roman’s blood profile had valid medical and scientific explanations other than the use of doping methods or substances and this was subsequently confirmed by the expert opinions Roman shared with the team.

Two exculpatory medical opinions were provided by Kreuziger to the UCI in October 2013 but the world governing body of cycling refused to accept his explanation for the passport abnormalities. Kreuziger provided a third opinion arguing that the profile fluctuation may not be attributed solely to doping methods and that the conclusions of CAFD’s Experts Panel had limited scientific supporting evidence. Kreuziger remarked in order to obtain a certain technical evaluation of the data in his biological passport, he should emphasize that the experts he appointed are trustworthy, independent and of three different nationalities and he requested an assessment from them that was absolutely and totally unbiased and as objective as possible.

Kreuziger, while racing for Liquigas, admitted to having worked with Michele Ferrari in his first year as a professional in 2013. The rider occupied the fifth place at Giro d’Italia in 2011 and at Tour de France in 2013.

The Tour de France starts on July 5 with Contador, a two-time winner, expected to be the main challenger to Chris Froome, last year’s champion.

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