Troy Glaus Affirmed Never To Use Steroids Again  The story on steroids of Cardinals’ Troy Glaus as reported by The New York Times last Sunday has made John Moozeliak to comment on the report. He said that he has known Troy for years and he believes that his player will not repeat the same decision he did before. John added that Glaus is working hard to recover and aims to return to the game as soon as possible.

According to the report of The New York Times, Troy Glaus admitted that he told the investigating officials in 2005 that he did use performance-enhancing drugs or steroids in 2003 and 2004. But Troy confirmed that the decision he made was to help him recover from a shoulder injury.

Glaus said that, in 2003, he and the other players were allegedly prescribed by a certain doctor from California to use steroid to repair his torn labrum and rotator cuff in his right shoulder. However, Troy did not make any comment on the specifics of the report made by The Times.

Cardinals’ general manager, John Mozeliak that Troy is doing well on his rehab program and is completely determined to get back to the team. Troy is now rehabbing with a private trainer in Phoenix.