Silva-HendersonIf you read our predictions for UFC 82, Anderson Silva “The Spider” will face Dan Henderson “Hendo” , you would see we predicted Silva would win vs. Henderson. The prediction was 100% correct.

UFC 82: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson


1st minute was feeling each other out, followed by a take down by Henderson, which put Silva on his back but in a half guard. Henderson unloaded some punches to the head of Silva but the champion held on tight. Henderson held Silva’s head down and came down with a big elbow. From here, Dan moved to side control and shortly followed Anderson Silva had Hendo back in the full guard.

round 1: 10-9 ( Dan Henderson )


Anderson Silva lands a good kick and gets on top of Dan Henderson early in the round. Henderson pushes back to his feet and goes into a strong clinch with Silva against the cage. Henderson throws a short right hand but is completely outclassed by the speed of Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva lands a punch and knee in great speed! Dan Henderson goes for a take down but Silva stuffs it and takes a half guard mount from the top. 1 minute left in the round, and the crowd is wild. Henderson rolls to his stomach, exposing his back to Silva. Silva punches hard, then puts on a rear naked choke on Henderson. Dan Henderson taps out at 4:52 in the 2nd round.

UFC 82: Anderson Silva “The Spider” will face Dan Henderson “Hendo”: winner Anderson Silva “The Spider” Submission (rear naked choke) @ 4:52 in round 2.  Retains his UFC middle weight title.

Side commentary.  Henderson was put to shame by Silva, it’s just not a match.  Like we said in our last blog post, anabolic steroids probably played a role in  Dan Henderson’s life in Japan but defenately not in Anderson Silva’s in USA.  We gave a 70% chance of Anderson Silva “The Spider” retaining his UFC middle weight title, and we were right. Steroids or not, at least Henderson showed up! haha