georges-st-pierre-matt-serraFinally, after all the BS and double talk, Georges St. Pierre (GSP) got his revenge vs. Matt Serra at UFC 83. Remember, we predicted a 70% chance of Georges St. Pierre beating Matt Serra.

UFC 83 Serra vs St-Pierre 2 winning predictions:

George St-Pierre – 70% chance of winning

Matt Serra – 30% chance of winning.

Here is a review of the fight:

Matt Serra vs. Georges St-Pierre 2 (UFC 83):

Round 1:

Round 1 opens as Matt Serra throws a right hand, while GSP drops into a good takedown. Out of the half-guard GSP tries to push Serras head down but can’t do anything from the position Matt Serra forces a full guard again. St. Pierre wants to pass the guard and lands 2 hard punches on Serra. Serra exposes his back and almost gets to his feet, but GSP keeps him down with elbows to the head. Matt Serra gets up but is taken back down with a superman punch almost immidiately. St. Pierre gets the killer instinct and turns on the non stop punches to the head and knees to the body.

Round 1 score: 10-9 for George St. Pierre

Round 2:

GSP catches a kick by Serra and takes him down with a right hand punch. After another successful takedown GSP is dominating Serra with punches and powerful knees to the body. The non stop punching to the head and knees to the body without Matt Serra responding to them, force a stoppage of the fight.

Georges St-Pierre Wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:45 in the 2nd round

Matt Serra / George St-Pierre and steroids:

Watching the fight, it seems George St-Pierre (GSP) looks leaner and harder then ever. He’s surely cycling some short half life anabolic steroids like winstrol or anavar, and he’s using human growth hormone (HGH) probably year round. Serra didn’t look so great, so hard to say.