Georges St-Pierre-matt-serra UFC 83A lot of you have seen our past predictions on MMA events, such as our clean cut prediction of the last Anderson Silva fight at the UFC. Now, we want to discuss UFC 83 Serra vs St-Pierre 2. If you didn’t see Serra vs St-Pierre 1 at UFC 69, basically Matt Serra knocked out George St-Pierre in the 1st round at 3:25 – winning the UFC Welterweight title from GSP. Unfortunately for George St-Pierre he got caught that day, just by sheer luck. We predict that UFC 83 Serra vs St-Pierre 2 is going to end up in the favor of George St-Pierre. Luck is not going to help Matt Serra this time. St-Pierre is going to come out strong and hard, and he’s going to win back his UFC Welterweight title from Matt Serra.

UFC 83 Serra vs St-Pierre 2 winning predictions:

George St-Pierre – 70% chance of winning

Matt Serra – 30% chance of winning.

Matt Serra / George St-Pierre and steroids:

Well, while it’s unlikely that Matt Serra uses any steroids, judging his head size you can see he’s probably using some human growth hormone (HGH). However, on the side of George St-Pierre there is more clear cut evidence of steroid use. George St-Pierre is probably using some short ester anabolic steroids such as testosterone propionate, winstrol, dianabol, and anavar. When we talk about MMA or any other sports, human growth hormone (HGH) is a factor, most likely both players could be using HGH.