Vomiting Sickness Syndrome tied with Chronic Marijuana AbuseA report says, Marijuana, one of the most commonly abused drugs among high school and college students, is tied with a severe form of vomiting syndrome and compulsive bathing behavior. The syndrome is increasingly recognized with extensive marijuana abuse.

Though, this clinical manifestation of severe vomiting sickness linked with chronic abuse of marijuana is doubtful, but was acknowledged by Dr. Sontineni and his colleagues at the Creighton University of Omaha, NE.

Recent findings done to the neurobiology of cannabis led to the recognition of different types of receptors, including forms that mediate neuropsychiatric and immunologic effects.

According to Dr. Sontineni, identification of the syndrome leads to delayed diagnosis and expensive diagnostic investigations. Increased use of marijuana, on a continous basis for several years, by the population of USA, especially among youths, would see a sharp rise in the number of diagnosed cases every year.

The syndrome was first recognized in Australia around the Adelaide hills and from there onwards, scientists and doctors at several institutions across the world are engaged in identifying more cases with this new vomiting syndrome due to chronic marijuana abuse.