The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Independent Commission “exceeded their power” while compiling the explosive McLaren Report into Russian doping, according to International Swimming Federation (FINA) President Julio Maglione.

Maglione, now an honorary International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, said he believes the International Olympic Committee should have itself handled the matter. The 80-year-old remarked WADA members exceeded their power and this needs to be clarified sooner or later. The FINA President also commented WADA is an organization with a function to control the doping abuse, approve the relevant rules and not to talk about the situation in a particular country and added it must be done by the head of the Olympic Games that is by the International Olympic Committee.

The recently-released McLaren Report disclosed a state-sponsored Russian doping scheme by Russia at their home Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. This report also implicated a string of summer sports and events.

The report findings prompted the International Olympic Committee to review legal options to impose a complete blanket ban on Russian athletes from next month’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and follow the lead of the world governing body of athletics that has already ruled out the country’s track and field stars. The IOC ultimately decided not to follow the path of the IAAF and deferred the decision on Russian participation to the individual International Federations. The IOC and its President Thomas Bach received criticism for their decision and critics claimed the International Olympic Committee displayed a soft touch due to close relations with those in power in Russia.

In another development, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said the report of the independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) chaired by Canadian sports law Professor Richard McLaren, would be scrutinized by the Russian Investigative Committee (IC). Mutko added our current task is to calmly work in the legal framework and also commented that McLaren’s report was sent to IC and they are scrutinizing it. The Russian Sports Minister also said the Ministry of Sports has set up a special commission that investigates circumstances mentioned in the report and he hopes experts will provide all facts to us and if they are convincing, measures will be taken by the end of November.

McLaren’s report claimed there was evidence that the sports ministry of Russia and the Center for the Training of Russian National Teams and the Federal Security Service (FSB) supported the doping program in Russian sports. The revelations of the McLaren report were built on those of an independent commission, which was led by Dick Pound and which McLaren was a part of. Canadian Beckie Scott, chair of the WADA athlete committee, remarked he thinks we felt a little bit vindicated today because we have been calling for report since last year and added we as a community were very upset to read about the unprecedented levels of doping and the subversion and undermining of Olympic values that was taking place in Russia.

The 31st Summer Olympic Games will be held in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro from August 5 to 21.

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