steroids-in-baseballThere has been a lot of interest lately into finding out what the average mom and pop taxpayer thinks about steroid investigations in congress. Let’s face it, almost 8 years of ongoing investigations into who stuck a needle full of testosterone into Barry Bonds’ ass gets old even to the biggest patriot. Well, with the latest gloom and doom scenario in the USA economy, and people losing jobs left and right while losing their house and going bankrupt, people really started to pay attention to steroid probes in congress, but not in a positive way for sure!

Now, in case any of you think we are bias in favor of steroids (we are guessing the domain name isteroids .com gave it away), here is real people talking about real issues. This is from the opinions page of the Pocono Record (a Pennsylvania newspaper, very mainstream):

I find it funny that Congress is worried about Roger Clemens and others who take steroids.

Why don’t they bring these company CEOs in front of Congress?

Let them be accountable for this predatory lending practice that has been going on. Those who use steroids will only hurt themselves. These lenders have hurt millions of homeowners. Where are your priorities? Our Congress better wake up, now we have to bail them out.

Stacy Venetos


As you can see the USA taxpayers want USA congress to investigate the economy and, of course, War in Iraq NOT investigate whether steroids are used in baseball!

Congress certainly gets sidetracked with things they have NO BUSINESS getting involved with. The only reason these lenders can get away with their predatory practices is because of the Federal Reserve and their flawed policies. They offered loans of new fiat money at extremely low rates of interest, which caused the housing “bubble”, which caused the market to inflate prices which unscrupulous bankers took full advantage of. Then, when everything crashes, they pump more of their fiat money, created out of thin air, backed by nothing except the “full faith and credit” of the US government – in other words, we the taxpayers – which only creates more inflation by diluting the number of dollars in circulation. It’s a vicious cycle which is bound to crash. Oh, excuse me, it already has. Please vote for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate with real common sense and the courage to do something about it, like abolishing the Fed and the IRS.

So what does the USA taxpayers want, more investigations into who stuck a needle with steroids into Roger Clemens’ bad shoulder when he was playing baseball OR investigations into the economy and war in Iraq? why not let the taxpayers and voters decide!