Which is better during pregnancy, oral or injectable?During pregnancy, using steroids as medication should be in such emergency cases wherein the child could be more affected by the medical illness rather than by the method of treatment.

Many cases have been reported wherein steroid injections or tablets were given during the time of pregnancy. One particular case is with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). SLE is an auto immune disease affecting mostly women in their child bearing age. Such a use definitely has effects to the unborn child but only in a mild way. If steroids really must be used, then a physician should be consulted, preferably a specialist handling your specific condition.

Usage of steroids to treat asthma during pregnancy has long been debated, although there have not been any harmful effects reported with the use of inhaled steroids or preventive inhalers during pregnancy. Experts have drawn a conclusion that it pays more to prevent asthma by using steroids during pregnancy and there has not been any side effects reported to stop such method of treatment.

The conclusion, steroids in tablet or injection contain the same composition and usage of either method is just the same. This stresses the fact that the aim is to avoid any condition which could be crucial during pregnancy. If it is possible to opt for a minimal dosage, do so or else discontinue any usage and ask your doctor for an alternative.