Former amateur cyclist and drugs cheat Dan Stevens, who was the whistleblower in the Dr Mark Bonar doping case, has finally came out and accused the UK Anti-Doping of a “catastrophic failure”.

Stevens said UKAD had absolutely no reason to not investigate Dr Bonar and also added they had every reason to investigate the doctor, they were given prescriptions that the doctor had produced – those prescriptions included the doctor’s GMC registration number. The former amateur cyclist also remarked they were prescribed via British chemists and UK Anti-Doping have got absolutely no excuse for not investigating this, and that is a massive concern. Stevens also said it is horrendous and diabolical and he does not think it is by accident either.

A few days back, a report in The Sunday Times alleged that Dr Bonar prescribed 150 athletes – including Premier League footballers, British Tour de France cyclists, tennis players, and a British boxer – with performance enhancing drugs. It was claimed by the British newspaper that UK’s anti-doping agency was provided with information about alleged doping activities of the doctor two years ago but failed to take action. It has now been revealed that it was Dan Stevens who was the whistleblower.

The 47-year-old Stevens was banned for a period of two years after he refused to give an out-of-competition sample. His suspension was later reduced by three months. In an interview with BBC Sport, the former amateur cyclist said he found Dr Bonar online after he was diagnosed with low testosterone levels and initially found Bonar to be a “sensible, good doctor”. However, he soon learned that Bonar would later talk to him about other drugs like the blood-boosting drug Erythropoietin and human growth hormone.

Stevens said he thinks it was quite revolutionary to meet with a British doctor in a private clinic who was telling me that a number of high-profile British athletes, cyclists, runners, boxers, cricketers, and footballers were using these substances to improve their performance. The ex-cyclist added his words were that this is what is needed to be done to move up a level.

In response to Stevens, Bonar told the BBC that Dan Stevens presented with some personal medical issues and he treated symptoms appropriately and did not prescribe for the purposes of performance enhancement.

In a statement to BBC Sport, UK Anti-Doping said it is important to highlight that UKAD is investigating the claims made by the Sunday Times. The statement further reads that UKAD must also clarify that UKAD does not have the names of any sportspeople who may have been treated by Dr Bonar other than the sportsperson concerned. UK’s anti-doping agency also said the UKAD Board has appointed Andy Ward to lead an independent review into UKAD’s handling of intelligence in 2014 in relation to Dr Bonar and the wider investigation which took place following the sportspersons interviews. It also remarked we will fully cooperate with the independent review and we will not comment further on this particular case until that review has been concluded.

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