took this from anthony roberts blog, priceless lol

I was recently sent an excerpt from an interview with IP, conducted by another steroid author. The following excerpt is from that interview:

One time we received shipment of a
5,000 bottle Deca run. Our inventory was short, and trusting
the consistency ofour producing lab,we released the product to
consumers before our own tests came back. When our testing
was done, it showed that there was no steroid in the vial. This
was a complete shock! But soon, people using the product
started reporting excellent results. They were noticing great
strength gains, but with little mass increases. The product was
not acting like Deca,but was definitely acting like some type of
steroid. We sent these vials to labs all over the world, even to
Beirut, Lebanon. No steroid, no steroid, no steroid, they kept
coming back.After a while, we found out that the raw material
supplied was an accidental variant of nandrolone, made by a
manufacturing fault, and structurally unique. This particular
product soon sold out because it was highly valued among
European competitive athletes as an undetectable designer
steroid. It helped many drug-tested competitors use steroids
even on the day of testing,with no failures ever.Once the 5,000
bottles were gone,however,we could not reproduce the product
again.People were very upset when it disappeared.

Are you fucking kidding me? Several years ago, when IP made a batch of Deca with nothing in it, the lab tests were all over the internet. Now, several years after the fact, they are claiming it was really a super-secret unknown steroid that was totally untestable and couldn’t be figured out. Oh…and they couldn’t re-order it from their supplier, and never found out what was in it, but it was this supersteroid that was giving great gains (forget the fact that at the time, people were complaining openly about getting no gains from IP deca, and posting lab tests showing there was nothing in it).

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s absurd that this author would interview IP and let shit like this slide without calling them on it. He wants to say he does “edgy” interviews, but he’s about as edgy as a fucking bowling ball.

The only follow up question I would have asked IP is:

“Who do you think is stupider, you for trying to pass that bullshit off as the truth, or me for
publishing it without calling you on it?”

Leave edgy to me kid…when you try to do it, you just lose all credibility.