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History of Bodybuilding: The Game Goes On and On

BodyBuilding History

bodybuilding-femaile-teen-natural-bodybuilder0The concept of bodybuilding has been influencing many young men and women since the last many centuries.

The thought of competing with the best and looking the best has been more than just a motivation for these people. However, not all of us are aware of the amazing history of bodybuilding.

It is believed that the earliest exhibition of human musculature dates back to the times of Ancient Greeks who were of the view that the human body reflected the beauty of the gods. This is evident from the fact that many sculptures and paintings of these times.

Some researchers are of the view that the history of bodybuilding traces back to the times of Indian rulers in the 11th Century. This was the time when young men used to lift stone dumbbell weights, known as Nals, to develop their bodies. They were motivated to indulge into bodybuilding workout and weight lifting to have a well-refined appearance. This was the time when the definition of bodybuilding changed from a great-sized, muscular body to a great curved and muscular body through resistance training, calculated nutritional intake, and specialized guidance. Gymnasiums were commonplace in India during these times and weight training was considered as the national pastime by the 16th century.

In the following years, bodybuilders started to engage themselves to participate in competitive bodybuilding. These were the years when bodybuilding exercises and bodybuilding supplements were in much demand. The Winner used to be selected on the basis of degree of development and aesthetic outlook. The bodybuilders used to typically display their well-curved bodies and physiques via a defined set of compulsory poses set to music to get points from the respective judges.

Let us have a complete insight as to how, when, and from where competitive bodybuilding rose to unprecedented heights.

The Early Period (1890-1929):

The definitions of Weight training and bodybuilding changed by end of the 19th century. People were keen to learn the lessons of bodybuilding and actively participation was seen almost everywhere.

During these times, the goal of bodybuilders and their coaches was not to develop physique into a glorious spectacle per se but to amaze the crowd with feats of strength. These feats used to catch the attention of the amused onlookers.

In the following years, the history of bodybuilding got revolutionized by the arrival of one man. This one man changed the world of bodybuilding and soon transformed part-time body builders to professional body builders. This man was Eugene Sandow, born as Friedric Muller.

Eugene Sandow was known as the father of modern bodybuilding and the first famous bodybuilder. He was a champion bodybuilder and was considered to be a style icon in his own unique ways. His beautifully symmetrical and densely muscular physique was unrivaled. It was Sandow who published the first bodybuilding magazine with the name "Physical Culture".

During these times, weight lifting contests and bodybuilding events started taking place on a mass budget like never-before. Sandow became a popular icon and "showstopper" for bodybuilding brands.

In order to promote bodybuilding like never before, Sandow developed and promoted "The Great Show", which was the first bodybuilding show in the year 1891. William L Murray from Nottingham (Great Britain) was adjudged as "Winner of the World's First Big Bodybuilding Contest".

In the meantime, weight-lifting was introduced in the First Modern Olympic Games in Athens (Greece) in the year 1896.

In the following years, Bernarr Macfadden sold his highly popular chest expander and was regarded as the father of physical culture.

The Golden Era (1930-1970):

The period was 1930-1970 is regarded by many as the golden era of bodybuilding. During this time, men were being attracted to the idea of owning a well-curved and fully developed muscular body; this was the time when bodybuilding contests were seen as the most popular events. Bodybuilding competitions were soon becoming the first choice of all and more and more bodybuilders were getting into competitive bodybuilding at this time.

Young men were seen working hard in the gymnasiums and striking a pose or two in front of the mirrors.

This was the time when amateur and professional body builders took weight-lifting on the beach front on the coast of California.

In the year 1939, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) introduced the Mr. America Competition. The first and second year titles went to John Grimek who became a celebrity and style icon in the world of bodybuilding and physical development. Slow yet gradual improvements took place from 1939-1966 and the world of bodybuilding was left amazed by the most influential bodybuilders of all times in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. America title by beating Dennis Tinereno in the year 1967. Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding start reaching every household and the world of bodybuilding start looking bigger and better than ever. The followers of bodybuilders almost idolize Arnold Schwarzenegger and started engaging themselves in heavy workouts, bodybuilding exercises, and bodybuilding supplements with a predefined aim to look big.

Recent History (1980-Till Date):

These were the years when bodybuilding went from local to global. Bodybuilders, athletes, and actors started emphasizing on weight lifting and bodybuilding to enhance their performance, outlook, and marketability. Prizes, money, sponsorships, and endorsements entered the world of bodybuilding motivating many a young men to enter the sport.

In today's times, the world of bodybuilding is bigger and professional than ever with no scope for second chances and thoughts. The thought of a well-defined, muscular body still motivates today's young men and the game is getting bigger with every passing day.

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