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Abdominal (core) Exercises (Abs)

Abdominal exercises are those weight training workouts that affect the abdominal muscles. In general term abdominal muscles are known as stomach muscles. Abdominal exercises are essential part of exercise routines of bodybuilders, boxers, lifters and certain sports people.  Among various exercises two most important waist exercises are crunch and leg raise.

ab crunchesCrunch (Ab Crunches): It is a main abdominal exercise performed by lying on the floor with face in the upwards direction and knees bent. Curling of the shoulders towards the pelvis pressuries the abdominal muscles that help in reducing fat from the tummy. Crunch is an isolation exercise and can be done with various variants, such as reverse (curling the pelvis towards the shoulders), cable (kneels down and pulls a cable machine downwards) or sit-up in which one has touched the chest with the knees. In this specific waist exercise one can either used body weight, dumbbell or crunch machine as the required equipment.

Leg RaisesLeg Raise: Executed either lying flat on the floor or while sitting on a bench by raising the knees towards the shoulders, leg raise is one of the compound exercises for abdominal muscle. Performer can also raise the legs to a vertical upright position and can hold the posture as per the convenience. Leg Raise also involves the hip flexors apart from the abdominal muscles.  Some major modifications in this weight training exercise are hanging from a high bar or lying on side or by knee raising (drawing knees to chest).

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