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Over dose of exercises and training

Overtraining TrainingOvertraining is the condition that occurs when the intensity, volume and frequency of exercise training schedule exceeds more than the recovery capacity of muscles. It is a most common problem related to any exercise program, especially with weight training.  

Overtraining occurs more frequently if the idividual is facing other physical and psychological stressors too, such as prolonged illness, overwork, menstruation, poor nutrition etc. For bodybuilders and other dieters, who are involved in intense exercise schedules and limiting diet intake, it is a very common problem.

There are other reasons too of occurring overtraining problems. Increased rate of break down of muscle tissues as a result of calorie-deficient body; excessive strain to the nervous system during training; elevation of levels of cortisol (stress hormone) for long periods of time; increased rate of consumption of amino acids than their supply through diet (this is called protein-deficiency case); and build up of microtrauma to the muscles much faster than their healing rate are some other reasons for overtraining.

Similar like any problem, overtraining also has its own symptoms and treatments. Some of the common overtraining symptoms shown by one or more organs are persistent muscle soreness, constant fatigue condition, elevated resting heart rate, increased susceptibility to infections, irritability, depression and increased rate of injuries. One more common symptom is “lymphocytopenia or lymphopenia,” in which the number or count of lymphocytes (white blood cells) decreased abnormally at a low level.

However, overtraining problems have therir treatments too. Three basic treatments are spa treatments, diet change and giving body time to repair. One can do body recovery process by taking a break from weight training or any other kind of exercise schedule; by reducing the volume and intensity of training, increasing rest period or by using split training. Overtraining spa treatments include cryotherapy, thermotherapy, temperature contrast therapy, and deep-tissue or sports massage of affected muscles.

Apart from its negative impacts, overtarining in some cases can be used advantageously.  Used as a key training technique by Soviet athletes during earlier times, it is now used by a bodybuilder for brief period of time to super compensate a regeneration phase.

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