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Female BodyBuilding

The craft of Female Bodybuilding!

female bodybuildingBodybuilding has come up with one of the most popular and passionate sports in present times, so much so that even women have not been able to stay from it. Today female body building is as much prolific a sport as it has been for men who work tirelessly to render best aesthetic value to their bodies and prove themselves at competitive forums.

Physique competitions for women first took place in the year 1960 with the Miss Physique and Miss Americana contests. However, they were not looked upon as more than mere bikini contests and hence didn't gain much momentum. The first true female body building competition was the U.S. Women's National Physique Championship, promoted by Henry McGhee in 1978. This was followed by the second U.S. Women's National Physique Championship in 1979 in which female pro-builders like Kay Baxter, Marilyn Schriner and Cammie Lusko made their presence felt. ‘The Best in the World' and ‘The Robby Robinson Classic' were among few other titles that came up to promote female body building.

The year 1980 hailed the beginning of the first highest amateur level competition for women when National Physical Committee (NPC) held the contest for female body builders. However the competition which proved to be a turning point for women in this genre was the Ms. Olympia contest which was and still is considered to be the most prestigious title in the sport of body building. Rachel McLish became the most successful competitor during the early 1980's. In 1983, a new wave of women developing more muscular physiques came into being. The American Federation of Women Bodybuilders was also launched during this period in order to cater to the growing awareness of female body builders in America .

A name that established new standards in this genre was Cory Everson who in 1984 won the NPC Nationals, defeated McLish and went on to win Ms. Olympia title for six consecutive years and retired unbeaten becoming the only woman to have ever achieved this. She was taken over by Lenda Murray in 1990's which gave birth to a new era of controversies among contestants that participated in the contests then. The prime contests then were the Ms. Olympia and the Ms. International titles which made news saying that judges pick up the most marketable body rather than the best one. The IFBB's point was to make sure that women don't become ‘too big' and that they should not lose their feminity. The IFBB further went on to make many changes to female bodybuilding by 2000 in the form of allowing myriad amateur competitions to take place to promote the pro-rankings. The final line of judgment that came into being for judging the female professionals included symmetry, presentation, separations, muscularity, healthy appearance, face, makeup, and skin tone.

Since then female bodybuilding titles have been bringing some great faces and bodies to the fore-front, proving the fact that women are reel through tasks with equal efficiency, honor and beauty!

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