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Professional BodyBuilding

The art of ‘Professional Bodybuilding'!

professional bodybuildingBodybuilding' we all know is the art of developing one's musculature with an intent of maximizing muscle hypertrophy the best way possible. Where some men employed this to increase their muscle strength, the improvement in the aesthetics of a person's physique led to this art becoming a world-class popular sport referred to as ‘Professional Bodybuilding'. Today professional body building involves accentuating the muscles through a combination of fat loss and body oils. Application of tanning lotions combined with proper lighting effects further makes the definition of muscle group more distinct. An imperative part of professional bodybuilding is the various competitions and contests that bodybuilders take part in to win various titles.

In the present times, in order to be considered as a professional bodybuilder, one has to qualify a number of professional as well as amateur contests along with earning a ‘Pro Card' from the IFBB. This helps professionals earn the right to participate in prestigious competitions like the Arnold Classic and Night of Champions. After having making their presence felt at such forums, professionals are then considered eligible to contest for the highest honor in the field of professional bodybuilding known as the Mr. Olympia contest. Some other organizations which also render professional rankings include the NPA (Natural Physique Association) and NANBF (North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation).

Adopting this sport is not like other ventures where you can easily earn lots of money. A professional (referred to as a ‘pro') might not be able to sustain his living only through this sport initially. However, the one thing that makes a person stay in this industry is sheer passion for this art, which makes them work as hard and as diligently. It is only when one reaches the highest level that a reasonable income starts pouring in from competition winnings. In most cases these body builders are sponsored by companies and supplement manufacturers. Just like any other celebrity, body builders then use their new found fame to carry forth with their business ventures.

Ideally body builders use three prime strategies to maximize muscle hypertrophy:

Weight training – An important part of this is ‘microtrauma' which tears the muscles being trained at a micro level. This leads to the soreness that one feels after the exercise, the repair to which results in the growth of the muscle tissue.

Nutrition – Nutrition is an inevitable part of the body builders' health regime. Since they are dedicated to building a high-level of muscle growth and repair, they invariably require a specialized diet which included added calories, proteins and other supplements to increase their muscle mass. The proportion of nutrient intake depends on the requirement of the body builder.

Rest - Rest plays a crucial role in body building regime because it is during this phase of the day that the muscle fiber actually grows. Although muscle stimulation occurs during the weight lifts, during sleep hours muscles get an opportunity to recover as well as build. Hence an eight-hour sleep is a must for any professional, though the number may vary from person to person.

Thus we see that stepping into the genre of Professional Bodybuilding and undergoing such stiff regime is not something an average person can think of doing. The one thing that rules men who delve in, it is passion for passion alone, they say can turn a man into a genius.

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