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2004 Night of Champions Information
Updated: May 18, 2004

  • Notes on the NOC

      The 2004 NOC will be the largest field of competitors ever for a pro event. 53 male athletes have signed contracts making this a historic event. With the women’s bodybuilding event there are 23 athletes signed to contracts.

      We are also happy to announce the event will be covered for the first time by New Yorker Magazine, Playboy Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Tickets still remain for the 2pm judging and the 8pm finals. They can be purchased by calling 212-581-1212 or online at www.citycenter.org. We will also be holding back 200 seats to be sold on the day of the event.

      The doors will open one hour prior to each show so the fans can enjoy a lobby filled with displays from MET-Rx, Worldwide Sports Nutrition, Muscletech, Pinnacle ,VPX, and Genetic . Various pro competitors will also be in the lobby signing autographs and posing for photos.

  • So who is competing in 2004?

      In alphabetical order, the pro men's competitor tentative list is:

      1. Eddie Abbew (England)
      2. Jorge Jose Alves (France)
      3. Mohammad Anouti (Lebanon)
      4. Melvin Anthony (USA)
      5. Art Atwood (USA)
      6. Thomas Bengali (Italy)
      7. Didier Blanc (France)
      8. Jimmy Canyon (USA)
      9. Simon Cohen (England)
      10. Darrem Charles (Trinidad & Tobago)
      11. Garrett Downing (USA)
      12. Nasser El Sonbaty (Serbia & Montenegro)
      13. George Farah (USA)
      14. Toney Freeman (USA)
      15. Ramon Gonzalez (Spain)
      16. Ahmad Haidar (Lebanon)
      17. Milton Holloway (USA)
      18. Wong Hong (China)
      19. Pavol Jablonicky (Czech)
      20. Johnny Jackson (USA)
      21. Rod Ketchens (USA)
      22. Michal Kindred (Czech)
      23. Ken Jones (USA)
      24. Richard Jones (USA)
      25. Heiko Kallbach (Germany)
      26. Jeff Long (USA)
      27. Frank Michel (Germany)
      28. Michelino Milazzo (Germany)
      29. Eugeny Mishin (Russia)
      30. Mike Morris (USA)
      31. Ntuk Ntuk (Nigeria)
      32. Jostein Oedegaarden (Norway)
      33. Adsay Onder (Turkey)
      34. Eric Otero (USA)
      35. Lee Powell (Great Britian)
      36. Edson Prado (Brazil)
      37. Gian Enrico Pica (Italy)
      38. Greg Rando (USA)
      39. Craig Richardson (USA)
      40. Frank Roberson (USA)
      41. Ronny Rockel (Germany)
      42. Rodney St. Cloud (USA)
      43. Willie Stalling (USA)
      44. Thomas Stellander (Norway)
      45. Jonny Stewart (USA)
      46. Quincy Taylor (USA)
      47. Reza Amin Torabi (Canada)
      48. Peter Trenz (Germany)
      49. George Tumon (USA)
      50. Ed Van Ansterdan (Netherlands)
      51. Alexander Vishnevskiy (Russia)
      52. Idrise Ward-El (USA)
      53. Branch Warren (USA)

      In alphabetical order, the pro women's competitor tentative list is:

      1. Lisa Aukland (USA)
      2. Fannie Barrios (Venezuela)
      3. Susanne Bock (Germany)
      4. Helen Bouchard (Canada)
      5. Vilma Caez (USA)
      6. Maria Calo (Argentina)
      7. Michelle Davis (USA)
      8. Angela Debatin (Argentina)
      9. Diseree Ellis (Canada)
      10. Heather Foster (USA)
      11. Heika Jung (German)
      12. Marja Lehtonen (Finland)
      13. Silivia Matta (Italy)
      14. Gayle Moher (USA)
      15. Antionette Norman (USA)
      16. Yaxeni Oriquen (Venezuela)
      17. Jeannie Paparone (USA)
      18. Betty Pariso (USA)
      19. Annie Rivieccio (USA)
      20. Christine Roth (Canada)
      21. Anja Timmer (Netherlands)
      22. Petra Walk (Germany)
      23. Annett Wittig (Germany)

  • Where and when will it be held?

      The 26th annual Night of Champions will be held on Saturday, May 22nd. Prejudging starts at 2pm, and Finals start at 8pm. It is going to be held at the same place it was held last year, the City Center, New York's Performing Arts Center, 130 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019. The phone number for the venue is (212) 247-0430

  • What's Going On? The NOC is back only to 1 day?

      We are sorry to announce that because of the change in the economic climate in the nutritional industry and the altering of the sponsorship levels, we have had to eliminate the Friday night event. With this action, we have had to cancel the NOC Fitness and Figure competitions, and we are moving the Women's Bodybuilding to Saturday, May 22nd with the men's contest. The times of the events remain the same, 2:00PM for the men and women's judging and 8:00PM for the men and women's finals. Again, we are sorry for this change and inconvenience. We thank our loyal fans for their support since 1978, and we look forward to providing you this year what we have always done in the past ... making NOC the most hardcore, wild, outrageous, and extreme event on the Pro Division calendar. See you in NYC on May 22nd,

  • How much are tickets?

      For the men's & women's prejuding contest, which starts at 2pm, the ticekts will be $40. For the men's & women's finals contest, the tickets range from $45, $65, $75$, $85 and $100.

  • Where do I buy tickets?

      You can purchase tickets online by going to www.citycenter.org. You can call CityTix at (212) 581-1212. You can visit the Box Office in New York City at West 55th Avenue, between 6th and 7th Avenues. Or you can send a check or money order by mail to Physique Productions, PO Box 1490, Radio City Station, New York, New York, 10101.

  • Anyplace I can call for more info?

      You can call (845) 638-9290 or more detailed information not explained here, or you can fax your questions to (845) 634-8091, or you can email to [email protected]

  • Official Hotel Information

      The official hotel is the Wellington Hotel, 871 7th Avenue, at the corner of 55th Street and 7th. The number is (212) 247-3900, or (800) 652-1212. Use reservation code #8834 to received the NOC special rate. For more info on the hotel, go to www.wellingtonhotel.com