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  IFBB Constitution
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IFBB's Constitution

The Constitution specifies who the IFBB is, and what the governing rules are. While it is a long detailed document, I found it to be quite interesting. These are the first 10 of 22 articles of the Constitution of the IFBB.

Article 1 - Interpretation

1.1 Interpretation:

In the interpretation of the IFBB Constitution and Rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. "IFBB" shall mean the International Federation of BodyBuilders.
  2. "Constitution" shall mean the by-laws of the IFBB as set out in the Letters Patent and Supplementary Letters Patent and as prescribed and amended from time to time by the Executive Council.
  3. "Rules" shall mean those rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, directives and decisions which the Executive Council may from time to time prescribe and amend for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the IFBB.
  4. "Executive Council" shall mean the board of directors of the IFBB, comprised of the President, Executive Assistant to the President, Executive Director, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Area Vice Presidents, Professional Vice President, Chairpersons and Secretaries (where applicable) of Standing Committees, Special Advisors, Treasurer, Legal Counsel, and Patrons.
  5. "Congress" shall mean the Executive Council together with the National Federations, as represented by the presidents of the National Federations or their duly appointed representatives or proxies.
  6. "National Federation" shall mean an affiliated national sport governing body for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness that has been duly recognized by the IFBB on the basis of one National Federation per country.
  7. "Member" shall mean a Member in good standing of the IFBB, namely a Member who is in conformity with the Constitution and Rules.
  8. "The sport of bodybuilding and fitness" shall mean both amateur and professional divisions, together with their competitions, events and other activities.

Article 2: Logo

2.1 Logo:

The logo of this organization, an impression of which is printed upon the front cover of this Constitution, shall be the official logo of the IFBB. The logo is a registered trademark and shall not be used without the expressed written consent of the IFBB. Where consent for use is granted, the logo shall not be modified in any way, shape or form except where the letters "IFBB" are replaced by the initials of a National Federation.

Article 3: Name

3.1 Name:

This organization shall be known under the name "International Federation of BodyBuilders", hereinafter called the "IFBB".

Article 4: Composition

4.1 Composition:

The IFBB, founded in 1946, is an international sport governing body for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness and is composed of the Executive Council and those National Federations that have been duly affiliated by the Congress.

Article 5: Objects

5.1 Objects:

The objects of the IFBB are:

  1. To develop, promote and control the sport of bodybuilding and fitness on an international scale.
  2. To promote an interest in, and a dedication to, better health and fitness through physical culture, proper nutrition and weight training.
  3. To develop and strengthen friendship and cooperation among the Members of the IFBB.
  4. To supervise the activities of the National Federations.
  5. To legislate rules for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.