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Buy illegal steroids

When you buy illegal steroids, be ready to spend time for research. Steroids legal status varies from country to country. In Romania, Moldova and Mexico, for example, steroids are not illegal and can be purchased over the counter. In the United States, however, steroids are classified as controlled substances and, therefore, you need to have a legitimate prescription in order to obtain one. If you are buying steroids without a valid prescription, you are committing an illegal act.

Buying illegal steroids obviously has its risks. When you buy steroids illegally and got caught there is a possibility of you being fined or sent to jail. Many now buy illegal steroids from the Internet. This is because many consider it as the most reliable and safest route to buy illegal steroids since you’re not doing a face-to-face transaction, which gives you (ideally) plenty of time to think of alibis or to escape when everything goes haywire. However, when you buy illegal steroids online, there are also the risks. Many of those who buy illegal steroids online get scammed.  Scammers are people who falsely promise to supply you with steroids then steal your money. Or they can be people who send you fake or cloned steroids. To make sure that you avoid this pitfall, do research before buying illegal steroids online.