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  Carrot Top steroids
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Carrot Top steroids

Many say Carrot Top is definitely on steroids nowadays. When you see pictures of Carrot Top displaying those muscles, you will agree that Carrot Top got his bodybuilder body from steroids. That’s why nowadays many describe Carrot Top’s body hot but face and comedic act are not.

Celebrities like Carrot Top are finding ways and means to stay on the limelight. And those ways and means can include steroids. In Hollywood, if you want a body that’s hot – take steroids. You want to defy the aging process – use steroids. You want a second stab at adolescence – try out steroids. You want to have high-arched, over-groomed eyebrows – consult Carrot Top’s cosmetic surgeon.  

But, honestly, Carrot Top’s metamorphosis, with or without steroids, is an intriguing phenomenon.  And many now troop to Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas to see how Carrot Top elicits humor with that hot body. We just wonder if Carrot Top uses his rumored steroid use in one of his self-deprecating jokes. His father, who’s been a scientist at NASA, must have been beaming with pride right now. Aside from winning the American Comedy Award for Male Sit-Down Turn Around Bop Your Head Onto The Ground Comedian, Carrot Top is now sporting a ripped body.

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