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  Effects of steroids on women
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Effects of steroids on women

It is not advisable for women to take anabolic-androgenic steroids since they can cause virilizing effects, especially if recommended dosage and intake schedule is not observed. If abused, steroid negative effects on women become more pronounced. Thus, the advice is to take low dosages of very low androgenic steroids, such as Anavar.

The type of steroids being used is an important consideration when talking about effects of steroids on women. Steroids used in bodybuilding are of two types – anabolic and androgenic steroids. Anabolic steroids are those that exert more anabolic effects; that is, they are responsible for the building of muscle tissues. Androgenic steroids meanwhile are known to cause more virilization effects on women. In males, naturally-occurring androgens are responsible for the growth of male secondary sexual characteristics and this is the reason why women can experience these side effects of steroids since these drugs are derived from male sex hormones.

Because the virililizing effects of steroids on women tend to irreversible, it advised they stack low androgenic items for a cycle of less that 6 weeks and then take a break for several weeks. Then begin another 4- or 5-week cycle and then about an 8-week period off steroids. This way the negative effects of steroids on women will be avoided.