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  Facts about steroids
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Facts about steroids

These are the facts you need to know about steroids before you use these compounds. There are several misconceptions surrounding these compounds, and let’s try to separate the myths from the facts about steroids.

First fact about steroids: Steroids do not cause psychological problems on its users. The term ‘roid rage’ has been coined because steroid use is allegedly causing paranoia and violent behavior on individuals. The fact that a study has been conducted in 1996 which indicates that supraphysiologic doses of steroids for 10 weeks do not exert any effects on the mood or behavior on healthy male subjects, debunks the myth of roid rage.

Another misconception about steroids is that they are exclusively used by athletes. The obvious fact about steroids now is they are widely used by different people involved in diverse fields – celebrities, models, teenagers, and even members of the military and law enforcement. Individuals who use steroids are those who want to have a good body or those who want to enhance their strength.

There is also this much-circulated misconception about steroids making the penis smaller. The fact is that steroids can make the testicles shrink but not the penis. This is because when steroids are introduced in the body, the testicles stop their production of testosterone thereby decreasing their size due to disuse.