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Female steroids

Steroids users are used to be male, young athletes but not these days. Now, there is a fast emerging trend that steroids are also used by females. The reason behind this shift is there is now a trend for s strong physique in females. The fact the females are now widely accepted in diverse athletic fields also plays a great role why females are now using steroids. And it is not only adult females who use steroids. High school girls also use steroids for physical enhancement.

But steroids can be severely risky to female users. Steroids are synthetic forms of the male hormone testosterone and, although females have this hormone in their body, any increase in its level can cause havoc to the hormonal balance in the female body. The most common side effects of steroids in females are the virilization symptoms. Females can experience excessive hair growth in the face, chest, and back areas. Female steroid users can also suffer serious health risks due to steroid use, ranging from mood changes to liver damage to cervical cancer.

To avoid these side effects, females should opt for steroids that have mild androgenic properties. Among these steroids are Anavar, Winstrol and Primobolan. Because of their mildness, this group of steroids can be considered as female steroids.