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  Good effects of steroids
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Good effects of steroids

The media was able to demonize steroids with their uninformed reportage of steroid-related cases. Now and then, steroid users are being portrayed as angry, aggressive, and paranoid individuals. No wonder the public have misconceptions about steroids. Many people don’t know that steroids do have good effects on the body. Let’s take a look at these good effects.

Steroids are developed to improve the well-being of both humans and animals as steroids do have legitimate therapeutic activity. In humans, the good effects of steroids are seen when they are used to treat illnesses, such as chronic muscle-wasting syndrome associated with HIV/AIDS disease. There are also some steroids that are used to treat certain types of breast cancers and anemias.

Steroids eventually have become popular among athletes and, subsequently, among other non-medical users because of these compounds’ good effects on the physique. Steroids increase muscle size and strength – significantly. This is achieved through the promotion of muscle hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia.

Other good effects of steroids include lubrication of joints (this prevents injury during intense ttraining) and prevention of anti-catabolism activity. Many steroid users report that steroids do not only help them train harder, but also help them keep what they have gained during intense training. It is during intense training that the hormone cortisol fulfills its role in catabolism. What steroids do is prevent this hormone from binding to its receptor sites, which prevents muscle breakdown.