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  History of steroids
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History of steroids

The history and development of steroids can be traced as far back as the antiquity. However, the first significant breakthrough in the history of steroids occurred in 1767 when John Hunter executed testicular transplantation, in which he transferred a cock’s testis into the abdominal cavity of a hen. How is this event related to the history of steroids?

This is considered to be linked to the history of steroids because it involved the testis, where the production of testosterone occurs. Remember that steroids are derived from the male sex hormone testosterone, thus Hunter’s transplantation attempt is viewed as a precursor in the history of steroids.

Another equally important event associated with the history of steroids is Arnold Adolph Berthold’s experiment with castrated cockerels in 1849. Through his experiment, it was found out (among others) the testes exert significant influence on the blood and the blood affects the entire system of the organism. In 1889, another significant part of the history of steroids happened when Charles-Edouard Brown-Sequard came up with what is considered to be the first known artificially-produced substance that contains testosterone and many say this is the no-turning-back point in the history of steroids. Brown-Sequard produced a concoction of testicular extracts from dogs and guinea pigs that he said improved physical strength, intellectual abilities, and appetite.