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  January Newsletter
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Why Steroids

January Newsletter

By iSteroids staff

Why Steroids ?

This is my first article for iSteroids.com. I am very glad Mr.X has given me the chance to write for what I believe will be one of the hotest up and comming companies in the Sport of BodyBuilding today. I called Mr.X and asked him what he would most like to see on his Web site. he said in one phrase ' Honset Hardcore Bodybuilding Information.' I thought to myself what could I write which would reflect Mr.X's values and belifes. I know ! I will write on the one thing which seperates the Wheat from the Chaff. I know you guys are thinking STEROIDS. Though , I am not writing ABOUT Steroids but WHY Steroids. Why risk you health , your saftey ,your legal status. Most of us know we will never be Mr. Olympia , that we will never make a living from BodyBuilding. So if that is true then why use Steroids at all. Why risk it all ? In this article I will share some of the reason I found when I asked myself that same question.

Why Steroids ?

1) There was a study done by the University of Michigan which showed that Men who used AS in college were had a higher rate of salary's compared to their non Anabolic steroid using counterparts. I believe the pursuit of BB translates in the real wold. Men who are driven enough to risk life and limb in the pursuit of their goals of physical perfection will no doubt apply the same fever to other arena's.

2) AS though used for the enhancement of the body do have an effect on one's positive mental state. In public other men look at me with respect. I know they may all not respect me , but fear works just as well. The fact that other men step out of my way when I walk gives me a sense of security. Knowing how much stronger I am and how much more pain I can take than normal men gives me peace of mind. My girlfriend also like the fact I am a very big guy. She says she always feels safe with me. I have a calm that only real strength and unnatural size can give. No recreational drug is going to give that peace to me. If the SHTF I have what it takes to protect me and my family. PEROID.

3) Anabolic steroids allowed me the ability to overcome very mediocre genetics. I have been training for over 11yrs. I did not start using AS till I was 24 ( I am 28 now). My biggest enemy has always been overtraining. I love to lift. I love to workout and most of all I love to lift heavy ( very heavy) While I was always blessed with great strength , my arms never grew larger than 16.5 inches. This was no matter how hard I trained them or how heavy I weighed. My body simply would not grow no matter what I threw at it. Also my shoulders lacked that fullness that I needed to balance out my wide back and thick chest ( think of a barrel ) AS allowed me to break through that plateau. I now have 18.5 inch arms , my shoulders have almost doubled in size. I could not believe the difference in the way my body developed. It was as if suddenly I was a different person. My arms began to grow like weeds and I went from behind the neck press of 225lb x 5 to 315lb x 3. To this day if I am not on AS my arms stop growing.

4) Anabolic steroids gave me back that feeling of when I first started. I remember going to the gym when I was 15 and I couldn't wait to get there. Each day I woke up I would look in the mirror to see if I had grown during the night. I remember seeing people and they would give me compliments as to how much bigger I had become since they last saw me. As the years went by and my growth first slowed than halted , I became despondent. I loved being a BB but I was tired of looking the same year in and year out. At 23 people began to ask if I had cut back on my workouts. I asked why , their response was that I looked the same , that I had stopped getting bigger. My whole reason for being a BB was the fact that I wanted to be BIG. Not just built but big , huge ,MASSIVE. AS gave me back that dream. Now I am growing again. Now when I go to the gym I look forward to seeing how much stronger I am today , how much bigger.

5) AS have given me the ability to take my body to the ' Nuclear ' edge with regards to strength. I am a strength junkie. I have always been strong but AS have allowed me to perform on a level on par with Olympic level athletes. In my gym we have some Pro football players who tower over me in height and weigh much more than I do , but are no where near as strong as I am. I , again , do not have the genetics to be a Professional athlete but because of AS I have taken what ability I do have an refined it to a point that talent and genetics cannot touch. I get a tremendous sense of pride when I out squat an NFL offensive linemen who's job it is to be big and strong. How many men can say they are the best that they can possibly be ? ( Plus , I'm still growing )

6) Anabolic steroids have caused me to study and read enough Medical literature to actually exceed the knowledge of most medical professionals. I know more about the Human body and it's interactions with AS , supplements , nutrition , workouts than my family Doctor.

7) Anabolic steroids helped heal some of the injuries I have caused over the years. At one point my shoulders use to hurt so much , from heavy benching , that I had trouble combing my hair. I had tendentious in both elbows due to forced rep curls. Somedays when it came time to do Legs , my knees hurt so much I could not even squat. I would have given up on a lifelong dream because my body , by itself , could no longer adapt to the stresses I was imparting to it with my insane workouts. Sure I could have backed off. I could have , as they say , ' Gone for the pump.' But I love working out like a madman. I love squatting till I puke. I love being big , but I also love what it takes to get there. AS has helped me stay in the game I so love.

8) Anabolic steroids has also helped pay my rent when I did not have a job. They have allowed me the ability to make money doing something I feel is beneficial not only to me but to my friends who share the dream. I do not consider helping my friends dealing. Nor do I think AS should be illegal. Which as time goes by they seem like in some form or other they will loosen the laws in regards to their medical use. I know a Doctor who will prescribe all the Test and GH I want. BUT !!! He wants $200.00 for the visit and $200.00 for each bottle of American Cyp or bottle of GH. Sure I would have a legal prescription but on the Grey Market I buy my Test for $50.00 a bottle. The only difference between my Doc friend and I is a piece of paper hanging on a wall. Oh yeah , and the fact his profit margin is much higher.

9) Anabolic steroids forces me to go to the gym. I am not going to spend the money and waste it. I've never needed a partner to help motivate me , never. But , there are somedays when I am so sore I have trouble walking. On these days I think of every excuse in the book to somehow skip training. When I'm on AS I don't think twice about going , no matter how much I am hurting.

10) Number ten the final reason for taking Anabolic steroids. Some would say the most important reason for such an endeavor. I personally think it's number two on my list but it is running a close contest for number ONE. AS allows me to nail the hottest most sexiest , nastiest women on this planet. I have dated models and dancers who would never have looked at me if it were not for the six pack sticking out of my skin tight jeans. Most of the stripper I have dated love my chest. They always talk about how my tits are as big as theirs. They love the endurance that being in top shape allows me. As gives me the Body to nail whom ever I choose. Nuff said! When I first started working out it was real simple. I was a 13 yr old FAT ASS. I asked this girl Lori Hoyt to go on a date with me. She laughed in my face in front of about 10 people. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Then the rest of the people watching started laughing at me. I ran home crawled into my bed and cried for hours. When my mother came home she asked me why I was crying. I told her what happened. She told me that my father was fat , so was my grandfather. She told me that I would just have to accept being overweight , cause being fat ran in my family. I cried even more after that. I hated myself. BodyBuilding gave me a way out of the nightmare of spending the rest of my life as a BIG FAT LOSER. BodyBuilding showed me that I don't have to accept what life throws at me. My choice of using Steroids is simply an extension of that philosophy. When my body was shutting down , I did not accept defeat. I instead choose to forge ahead mindful of the risks I was taking. If I die tomorrow I can at least say ' I did it my way. "

Using Steroids should be your own personal choice. I have simply shared with you the path of my journey and where it has thus far taken me.

Bobby Anding

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