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  Men on steroids pictures
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Men on steroids pictures

Men on steroids picturesWhen you browse through fashion or entertainment magazines you typically encounter pictures of men in all forms of dishabille. Yet, can you tell from the pictures which men are on steroids and which are into natural bodybuilding? Read on to know if pictures really paint a thousand words.

The most obvious tell-tale sign if the men on the pictures are on steroids is, of course, the supersized muscles surrounding the shoulders – pectorals, biceps, latissimi dorsi (more commonly known as the lats), deltoids, etc. If the men on the pictures display an out of proportion upper-body muscles (the lower part of the body will remain relatively smaller in size during steroid use), chances are those are men on steroids. Now, let’s focus on the chest area. Have you heard of the term ‘bitch tits’? The term refers to gynecomastia, or the growth of breast tissues on men. Men on steroids can suffer from this side effect if they are using highly aromatizable steroids. If the pictures show men who exhibit a breast size just slightly smaller than most women’s (sometimes they’re even bigger!), there’s a big possibility that these are men on steroids. And, if the veins stand out on their big arms, you can be sure that these are men on steroids.