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  Purchasing anabolic steroids online
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Purchasing anabolic steroids online

Should you purchase anabolic steroids online? The answer to that is YES you should purchase anabolic steroids online! However, be sure to do some research before you purchase steroids from the Internet. Scammers swarm the Internet. How to identify a scammer? Scammers usually don’t have websites and use only email addresses when they sell steroids. Check out email address or URL on scammer lists before you purchase steroids online. Also, when you are purchasing anabolic steroids online DO NOT choose sites that only offer wire payments. If they don’t accept credit card payments, forget about purchasing steroids from these sites.

Beware also of unbelievably low-priced products when you purchase anabolic steroids online. Most likely these sites offer low-grade or fake steroids, which can cause health risks.  Search for sites that offer steroids and compare prices as this will give you an idea of current price range of steroids. Visit also message boards and online forums on steroids before you purchase anabolic steroids online.  These are great sources of information about steroids. They will also help you screen scammers from legitimate sources of anabolic steroids. If you’re cautious, you can easily avoid being conned when you purchase anabolic steroids online.

Remember one thing, when you buy steroids online, you have to watch out for selective scammers: steroid suppliers who send packages only to a few people, but not to the rest.