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  Steroid Abuse
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Steroid Abuse

All drugs can be used and abused and the same is true with steroids. According to the law, there are legitimate, approved medical uses of steroids and other, non-legal uses of steroids are often considered abuse by most people. While people who use steroids illegally might be abusing them, this is not necessarily the case.

All drugs that have positive side effects along with their therapeutic, medical effects have the potential to become addictive and, therefore, abused. There are many different definitions for drug abuse, but they all follow the same premise that excessive use of a drug for non-medical or non-therapeutic reasons constitutes abuse.

When it comes to the case of anabolic steroids, the definition of abuse is vague enough that there are many different interpretations as to whether or not it’s abuse.

Anabolic steroids have been approved for prescription to treat various different types of medical conditions including delayed puberty, impotence, testosterone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, chronic wasting and even breast cancer. Steroids have many positive effects when they are used in moderation and with proper supervision of medical professionals to ensure that the users are not experiencing serious health problems due to the use of steroids. Very few people would say that these types of uses for anabolic steroids are considered abuse.

Steroids do have great effects in the treatment of medical conditions, but possibly even more popular are their use for their “side effects” of building lean muscle mass and, therefore, improving both appearance and the potential for athletic achievement. Because of the drastic change steroids can cause to a person’s body and because they are often (but not always) used to enhance strength and athletic performance many people see any steroid use as abuse. Consequently, these same people often see steroid use as cheating in the athlete’s respective sport.

There is a whole range of how steroids can be used for these purposes, but generally they are used illegally as opposed being used as a prescription from a physician. In the middle of the abuse spectrum are the people who moderately use steroids without a prescription. These people use steroids and use them successfully. They will tell you that there are ways to use steroids without experiencing the negative side affects that are often associated with them. They’ll also tell you that the way they use the drugs is not abuse, but carefully planned and orchestrated use.

At the other end of the spectrum from steroids used as prescriptions, are people who use steroids excessively and recklessly (i.e. without a plan and without careful monitoring for signs of serious health damage). Even people at the middle of the steroid abuse spectrum often see this type of use as abuse.

Another characteristic of drug abuse has to do with the addiction factor. Anabolic steroids can become addicting and anyone who wants to bulk up and increase their lean muscle mass and has seen the effects of steroids on these characteristics can easily become addicted to the effects and the ability to quickly change their appearance for the better. Because of the addiction factor, many people see the use of steroids as abuse.

Other, more refined definitions of steroids say that any use of an illicit drug is considered drug abuse. In this case, any non-prescription steroid use would be considered abuse.

Whether or not you consider steroid use abuse, it is illegal to use them without a prescription and it’s punishable by law. It’s important to remember, however, that people who become addicted to steroids need more than just a legal punishment to break them of their habit because addiction is a medical condition.

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