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Steroid abusers

Steroid abusers are healthy individuals who take steroids to enhance their physical looks and/or athleticism. Steroid abusers typically practice overdosing; that is, exceeding recommended dosage and intake schedule. Steroid abusers also tend to spend huge amounts of money when acquiring these banned substances. Steroid abusers may also exhibit signs of their dependence to these drugs. These manifestations include insistence to use steroids despite their negative effects on their health and social interaction. Steroid abusers may also feel depressed or unable to fit in when they are not taking steroids. They may also display attitude changes like mood swings and aggression. These behavioral problems are linked to depressed hormonal levels.

Steroid abusers experience adverse reactions to these drugs. Female steroid abusers suffer from masculinization symptoms like hoarsening or deepening of voice, reduction in breast size, and hirsutism. Male steroid abusers, on the other hand, undergo feminization. Feminization symptoms include testicular atrophy, growth of breast tissues or gynecomastia, as well as water retention.  Both genders experience acne and oily skin and other far more serious health risks like elevated blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and liver damage. Steroid abusers have high probability of experiencing liver damage when they are taking 17 alpha-alkylated compounds.  Steroid abuse is very serious, so don't take it lightly.